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Support the Community Package

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Dear decision makers,

The Community Package components are bold investments in Seattle’s public spaces, transportation network, and affordable housing. Please ensure Seattle gets a good deal from the largest development in our city's history, and fund the entire Community Package through the street and alley vacations public benefits process.

Public Parks and Open Spaces

  • Freeway Park Improvements. Improve Freeway Park to be more safe, accessible, and enjoyable for local residents, employees, and Convention Center visitors.
  • Interstate 5 Lid Feasibility Study. Fund a City-led technical study of extending Freeway Park and lidding Interstate 5 in the Center City and beyond for parks, affordable housing, new streets, and other civic uses.
  • Melrose Promenade. Implement walking and bicycling improvements, public space, and public art along Melrose Avenue in Capitol Hill.
  • Pine-Boren Lid Park. Expand Plymouth Pillars Park by building an approximately 14,000 square foot lid park over Interstate 5 at the east corner of the Pine Street and Boren Avenue intersection.
  • Terry Avenue Promenade. Build a pedestrian-oriented woonerf on Terry Avenue between Cherry Street and Marion Street.
  • Virginia Street Woonerf. Build a pedestrian-oriented woonerf on Virginia Street between Boren Avenue and Minor Avenue.

Active Transportation

  • 8th Avenue Bicycling Improvements. Build a northbound protected bike lane between Pike Street and Bell Street.
  • Interstate 5 Overpasses “Kit of Parts”. Implement a suite of pedestrian improvements for I-5 overpasses, such as landscaping and sound buffers, between Olive Way and Madison Street.
  • Olive Way Interstate 5 Overpass Walking Improvements. Implement a roadway reconfiguration on the Olive Way I-5 overpass and I-5 interchange to increase pedestrian safety and reduce traffic conflicts.
  • Pike-Pine Corridor Bicycling Improvements. Build protected bike lanes on Pike Street and/or Pine Street between Downtown and Capitol Hill.

Affordable Housing

  • Affordable Housing. Contribute funding to create 300 affordable homes for workers earning hospitality industry wages (50-60 percent of area median income) within one mile of the Convention Center Addition.

The Community Package is being supported by Capitol Hill Housing, the First Hill Improvement Association, Cascade Bicycle Club, Central Seattle Greenways, Lid I-5 Steering Committee , Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, the Jim Ellis Freeway Park Association, the Housing Development Consortium, and me!

Thank you,

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This petition had 123 supporters

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