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Support Sensible Community Planning In Toronto

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Starting in May 2011, the Streetcar Development company plans to create a behemoth, mixed-use building on the quiet residential street of Gladstone, north of Queen. It will have 86 units and 8 levels, which is monstrously disproportionate compared to the 2-story houses on the rest of the street, and the largest building in the neighbourhood the 4-story Gladstone hotel. It's even larger than their other 8-story development at the end of Gladstone on Queen. We are outraged that the area's Planning Community has privately met with Streetcar and effectively approved the project without consulting with the community.

Development is part of life in downtown Toronto, but the high-rise, high-density condo development which may excite developers, frequently prove to be disastrous for the local residents. Would you want a 8 story high rise right next to your home? Large condos have no place on residential streets where buildings do not exceed 2-3 stories. As numerous examples can attest, poorly designed and sited apartment blocks can fracture the communities forced to live with them. This development in its current form is simply not compatible with the community.

The real issue here is how this sets the tone for the rest of the community. If a developer can slip into a neighbourhood and build an 8-story high rise without any word to the residents, what happens when the developments spread further and further into our residential neighbourhoods. We don't want to find ourselves in a similar position as St. James town did in the 1950s, where private developers bought up and demolished every home in the neighbourhood in order to build Toronto's first high rise apartments. Up until only recently, St.James Town had become one of the cities most impoverished, difficult and dangerous communities to live in. Today this is happening on Gladstone, but tomorrow it could be Northcote, Beaconsfield, Argyle or any of the great little pockets in our community. At some point, we need to let them understand that this is not how we want to live. And that point is now.

We need to have open and frank discussions with the developers, the politicians and members of our community to discuss the scale of this project and how it will affect all of us. We simply can't let eager developers devour our communities at will, but we will need your help to get the message out.


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