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Hon Sam Kuteesa, has been a victim of unfair attacks by the pro-gay rights community who have gone to all heights to paint his rather good credentials bad. Uganda's legislation against homosexual acts was never Hon Kuteesa's decision but rather a decision of the Ugandan Parliament and by extension the Ugandan public. Hon. Sam Kuteesa has never been on record as being anti-gay. The only accusation on corruption brought against him was dismissed by the Ugandan courts of law. By denying him the opportunity to be President of the UN General Assemply under such flimsy allegations , the UN, the US and Hon Sam Kuteesa's accusers will be guilty of breaking the very same principles that the UN stands for and the very same principles they are accusing him of being guilty of! 

Letter to
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
US, Secretary of State John Kerry
Support Hon Sam Kuteesa's Presidency of UN General Assembly