Support Pet Keeping at Lakefront Residence, Cyberjaya

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The residents of Tower 1 & Tower 2 at LAKEFRONT RESIDENCE, Cyberjaya would like to draw the attention of MCT Berhad, the developer of Lakefront Residence.

We call for the developer to support pet ownership in Lakefront Residence under regulated guidelines and thus encourage responsible pet ownership in Lakefront Residence as opposed to a total ban of pets.


1. On 14.2.2019, the Management Office of Lakefront Residence had unilaterally, without the consensus of any of the Temporary Committee Members (“Committee Members”) made some house rules which affect many of the residents. One of the said rules is the prohibition of keeping pets in Lakefront Residence

2. A true democracy is where the voice of people is heard. These rules were made unilaterally and does not in any event, represent the majority of the residents of Lakefront Residence.

3. A meeting was then called on 2.3.2019 and attended by the representatives from the Management Office, the Developer as well as the Committee Members. A consensus on mutual agreement was reached and duly recorded in the Meeting Minutes, inter alia, as follows:- Pets are allowed on supervised and regulated guidelines

4. During the meeting on 2.3.2019, the Management Office had given an undertaking to all present that the consensus reached would be implemented and that notices pertaining to these revised house rules as explained in Paragraph 3 above will be issued and circulated. In the weeks which followed, the Management Office did not issue any of the notices, and none of the consensus was implemented.

5. On 19.3.2019, another meeting was held and attended once again by the representatives of the Management Office, the Developer as well as the Committee Members. The Management Office decided to turn the table and once again tried to unilaterally overrule the consensus reached by all present on the meeting on 2.3.2019 by stating that the prohibition of pets.

7. In view of the above, the Committee Members now put forth this Petition of the majority voice of the residents of Lakefront Residence and demanded for these two house rules to be addressed democratically in favour of the voices of the majority.

8. The majority of the residents in Lakefront call for:-

(a)  Pet ownership at Lakefront Residence and demanded the Developer to encourage and promote responsible pet ownership as opposed to a complete ban of pets. The Committee Members are ready and willing to work with the Management Office and the Developer to regulate guidelines to ensure responsible pet ownership in Lakefront as well as maintaining the welfare of all of the residents here. Proposed guidelines include the following:-

(i)            Pets are not allowed at common facilities and must be in an appropriate carrier outside of the proprietor’s parcel;

(ii)          Owners must ensure that their pets do not cause any form of nuisance to their neighbours as well as the residents at large;

(iii)        Owners are responsible of the cleanliness and behaviour of their pets at all time;

(iv)          Pets, even carried in appropriate carriers, are only allowed to be transported using the service lift and are prohibited from the passengers’ lifts as a gesture of respect to other residents;

(v)            Only a limited number of pets of certain specified categories are allowed to be kept, to ensure the safety of all Lakefront residents.