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Support MPD Officer Levitt and Censure Brenda Konkel!

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My friend sent me a link the other day to a Facebook post made by Brenda Konkel, our former alderwoman in Madison about a police officer who was running an arts and crafts project for disadvantaged children. The post and the comments Konkel and others added below are incredibly insensitive and offensive at a time when our community needs people to be working with one another to heal our deep wounds.

Madison police officer Amelia Levitt, who we know through a friend had a photo posted of her online from a very popular arts and crafts event held last week that is designed to help children in disadvantaged neighborhoods interact with police and their peers in a positive environment. This was by all accounts a very successful program that helped build trust and dialogue between young children, their parents and police in some of our most challenged neighborhoods.

Instead of embracing the very type of program that we, as citizens of Madison, appreciate out of our police department, Konkel posted an extremely offensive and insensitive post with photos of Officer Levitt that were doctored so the craft project she was holding said things like "Fire Chief Koval" and "Matt Kenny is a Murderer." Some of the photos and posts on her page were so obscene they cannot be repeated here in good taste.

Assistant Chief Gaber was made aware of this and sent Konkel a very polite letter asking her to remove the post and explaining how the post deeply offended and upset the officer, an officer who works as a neighborhood officer, trying to bring some positive change into Madison's disadvantaged neighborhoods. Konkel refuted Chief Gaber's request, and accused the department of "bullying" her and trying to "silence" her First Amendment Rights. As of the time of this petition, the post is still on Konkel's wall, which is visible to the public. You can find it online and read through the comments yourself, if you can stomach them.

Ms. Konkel is the one acting like a bully, and she has shown that her desire is not to bring people together, but to tear people down.

This petition is to show Officer Levitt of the Madison Police Department that we SUPPORT her efforts to build trust within the community, and to CENSURE Ms. Konkel for her negative and offensive posts that do nothing to heal the scars in our community that we must address together through trust, dialogue and mutual understanding.

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