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FAN EXPO CANADA bring SAW Stars@Metro Toronto Center for SAW die hard fans please help

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I am a huge fan of SAW along with other SAW fanatics who are excited with the great news of SAW 8 Legacy which name changed to Jigsaw coming out October 27/2017! I am asking Toronto Fan Expo Canada to bring 5 or 6 SAW stars such as Tobin Bell ( Jigsaw), Costas Mandylor ( Hoffman), Amanda ( Shawnee Smith), Jill Tuck( Betsy Russell) Leigh Wannell ( Adam) and (Dr Gordon ) Cary Elwes.


Fans of the horror franchise, which includes seven movies and two video games could and should have a chance to meet and greet with Saw stars and get to know what makes the actors tick during question-and-answer sessions at the Toronto Metro Convention Center. It would be a very unique opportunity for SAW fans to meet the Saw actors, ask them some questions, take photos with the Saw puppet and Saw actors and get a personalized autograph

With six of the seven Saw movies filmed in Canada and a large Canadian cast I say SAW would be perfect fit for Fan Expo Canada for the first time ever!

While the franchise has already raked in roughly $1.8 billion, I am sure SAW fans of the movies would be thrilled to meet them..

All we get is pretty much the same repeated stars year after year and nothing new to the table and I really like to hear from all you SAW die hard fans. Please sign and voice your opinions are of great matter! Although Saw typically gets a bad reputation for unnecessary gore, the main element to their plot is psychologically driven, so I stand by the fact that that are indeed psychological thrillers rather than horror films

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