Call to Action - Artist Fees

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Call to Action - Artist Fees

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National Association for the Visual Arts started this petition to Senator Mitch Fifield and State Arts Ministers

We the undersigned call for the Federal and State & Territory Governments to provide a new matched allocation of a total of $5 million a year specifically to assist underfunded art spaces to be able to pay fees to artists at least at art industry rates, when their work is commissioned or loaned for exhibition at public galleries or events and is not available for sale.

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Background information
Artists and other art professionals in Australia are entitled to industrial fairness. For artists to have viable lifelong careers, they need to have their contribution to the cultural life of the community valued and to earn income like any other professional. They are too often exploited when asked to provide loaned or commissioned works for exhibition in public galleries. This needs to change so that their work is respected and they are fairly remunerated for their efforts, over and above the cost of materials and production of the work.

Over the last two years, artists have been further disadvantaged with the loss of both grant opportunities (estimated at 70% reduction) and the contraction of organisational support (with the loss of operational funding to 50% of visual arts organisations previously funded by the Australia Council). The Federal Government’s ‘Catalyst’ program did not ameliorate either of these problems.

We know that the budgets of small to medium art galleries and artist run initiatives can be very tight. Therefore we are calling on the governments to commit $5 million/year to an Artists Fees Fund established specifically to enable galleries to pay those who make the art. It could be administered by NAVA, the Australia Council or another suitable national body with grants allocated on a needs basis. 

Ways you can support this campaign 
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o Write to the federal Arts Minister: and arts representatives in the other political parties
o Write to your state Arts Minister and/or to your local MP 
o Write to the Australia Council and your state/territory funding body asking that they make it mandatory for their grants recipients to pay artists fees at least at industry rates 
o Join up as a NAVA Member
o Donate to NAVA’s campaign

About the campaign organiser
The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) is the national peak body protecting and promoting the professional interests of the Australian visual and media arts, craft and design sector.

Since 2002, NAVA has been advocating for the payment of artists fees to be mandated for payment at least at art industry standards. The recommended levels for our industry are listed in the NAVA Code of Practice for the Professional Australian Visual Arts, Craft and Design Sector.

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Photo: Tanja Bruckner, 2017.

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This petition had 1,911 supporters

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