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Support effective recycling in the Wellesley Public Schools

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The Wellesley Public School System is taking a financially wasteful, environmentally polluting, and uneducational step backwards by using single stream recycling instead of dual stream recycling.

Currently, Wellesley Public School policy is to use single stream recycling, where recyclables are mixed together instead of being separated in a dual stream setup, where recyclables are separated into paper/cardboard and glass/plastic/everything else. The schools pay a private company to truck recyclables to a facility many miles away, wasting fuel and polluting the environment. Often times, this facility is re-sorting recyclables that have already been sorted by hand in the classrooms! This would make sense economically if Wellesley did not have one of the most advanced recycling and disposal facilities in the world!

The Wellesley Department of Public Works has confirmed that it can and will supply the infrastructure necessary to follow through with dual stream recycling, by providing the storage facilities and trucking needed to ensure that the Wellesley RDF is used to its fullest potential. Recycling done at the Wellesley RDF profits the general town fund, 85% of which goes back into the public schools, not to mention that the schools would no longer have to pay to have the recyclables taken away!

Lastly, dual stream recycling provides an excellent educational benefit to children! It shows them that recyclables are not trash that simply gets thrown in another container - they are valuable commodities that need to be reused.

By using dual stream recycling, the town and schools profits substantially, the environment is protected from the unnecessary trucking of recyclables to a facility many miles away, and young children can understand the importance of effective recycling!

Ask those involved to change from the current policy of single stream recycling to dual stream.


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