#GiveOurOldSystemBack #AmourSucre

#GiveOurOldSystemBack #AmourSucre

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To whom it may concern,

I would like to express my feelings concerning the newly implemented action point and dollar system.

With the new system, the game feels very pay to win especially in the aspect where in order to keep up with the game, you will have to purchase action points and dollars in order to keep up. Which is very expensive especially when it comes to the Action points as the episodes require the amount over the maximum. This can be seen as very unfair and interpreted as though the company is trying to force us to spend our money if we want to have the best experience possible. I am not entirely against the new system, nor am I suggesting that the company should boycott the entire system and revert to the old version, but I believe some things can be tweaked to make it a little more fair. (especially when new players would only now be able to obtain a maximum of 200 AP.. which we already know barely makes a dent into the episodes) I would like to make some suggestions in regards to both the action point and dollar system which you could take into consideration:

1. Alot of people dislike the maximum limit om the dollar and action points. Especially since clothing and items can be extremely expensive for the episodes. We have also thought about the impact these maximums can have on upcoming events and make it even harder for us to enjoy. If it is very unlikely that you can remove the maximum, I would like to suggest increasing the maximum AP to between 2500-3000 and to increase the maximum limit for dollars to 5000. This would make things a bit better.

2. In regards to the dialogue charges, instead of 2 ap per dialogue, it can be decreased to 1 ap per dialogue. Also including removing charges for Candy's thoughts, (next) and (finish the dialogue)

3. Increasing the amount of action points and dollars that can be bought. The amount that can be bought for $12 dollars for example is more suitable for the old system and not the new system it is only fair that these amounts are also changed with the system and make the amount of action points and dollars being bought more reasonable. I have to spend 30 dollars to be able to complete an episode. I am Barbadian and our prices are stated in American. This $30 dollars is only able to buy the 1600 AP option which is not much when compared with the new system. So I think these numbers should be revised.

4. I was actually willing to invest money in action points in order to catch up but this is now too expensive to be able to maintain. I think this would turn off new players from actually enjoying the game. Persons have also suggested a monthly subscription system can added where we can gain extra AP and Dollars along with other exclusive items and many people would not have a problem with this.

5. Lastly, the amount of daily action points and dollars should be increased. In Eldarya we use basically the same amount of maana as we are using action points per episode but we are given 50 maana a day along with 3 mini games to obtain a maximum of 30 extra maana. This should be taken into consideration with my candy love. We only gain 20 ap a day and $5 dollars which is extremely different to Eldarya's which is more reasonable. These numbers should probably be revised and increased. Especially the daily amount of dollars.

I hope all of these suggestions can be taken into account and the game can be tweaked im such a way it is enjoyable but yet still ensures some profit is made.

Yours Truly,
A Concerned Player.