Superspeciality doctors of India -Assailant on doctor must be punished as a terrorists

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PM of India, CM of Karnataka 


Subject:   Assailant on doctor must be treated as terrorist- by super specialist doctors of India

 Respected sir,

                  We the super specialist doctors of India would like to deeply thank you for your utmost dedication to improve India. We salute you.  

                   We would like to explain the life of super specialist doctors here. Only when we score above 90% in 12th standard, MBBS seat is guaranteed. When we get it, it is five and half years of study. After this, 1 year minimum preparation is needed to score better in entrance examination for post-graduation (MD/MS) seat. This MD/MS course is 3 years. After passing this, another minimum 1 year to prepare and get good rank in super specialist entrance exam to get a seat. The super specialist course is for 3 years. So it is totally 5.5+1+3+1+3 = 13.5 years. 13.5 years of our life we dedicate to become a super specialist after 12th standard. This means by the time we finish our course, we are approximately 33-35 years by age. How much we spend financially for this is enormous. Of course during our study period we get married and also we have children who go to school along with us. This is the life of a super specialist doctor before he becomes a super specialist. After becoming a super specialist, his life is completely busy in treating his patients for almost 16-18 hours a day until he stops practicing in his life. Life goes the same till we die because doctor never retires.  

                    We openly say that it’s easier to become an IAS officer or pass IIT exams than becoming a super specialist doctor. 90% of IIT graduates do not help India but; the foreign countries where they work. But super specialist doctors who have graduated in India, 90% of them settle in India despite having better opportunities in foreign countries. This is same scenario with MBBS and post graduate doctors.

                    Sir, now let me ask about something relevant. Who is saving the people of India since independence? Of course there are many. If you think about the top 2 professionals who are saving India, it is


                  Now we come to the core issue of writing the letter. Indian doctors are preferred worldwide including USA, UK than their own country doctors. So why there is an assault on Indian doctors repeatedly in India itself? Why Government of India, in spite having a weak law to prevent assault on doctors has not implemented it strictly, and also has not framed a new strong law to prevent further assaults?

                   We would like to tell you that we are not GOD and so we cannot save life of every patient. We are also human like you who utilizes all his knowledge, skill for betterment of patient. So why assault on doctors? Some doctors have even been killed by relatives of patients. And another amusing fact is qualified doctors are assaulted but not the quacks who treat in all wrong ways on day-to-day basis.                       

Now,  coming to the doctor-patient relationship:

1. Who are spoiling doctor patient relationship in last 10years? 

Answer is - It is the media/ press and few politicians for their own personal gains. 

2. Who is responsible for repeated assaults on one or the other doctors? 

Answer is - It is media/press and politicians.

              Now we will take another scenario- what if the military image is trying to be spoiled by media/press /politicians? Will the PM be a mute spectator? Absolutely no. Immediately the Government will give a strong message to media/press/ politicians to end it. But on the contrary, when doctors are assaulted, neither PM/PMO/Government of India comes with a strong message to media/press in support of doctors, so as to prevent further assaults of that kind.

                  Media persons will telecast such assaults to increase their TRP (Indian media is regarded as 2 most corrupt among all the media in the world).This kind of publicity by media will make other miscreants to assault other doctors. Media/press and politicians have made an impact such that - in India if a patient dies the doctor is held guilty, otherwise the patients are immortal.

In April 2015, Dr. Rohit Gupta, Gastroenterologist (super specialist doctor) was assaulted brutally by relatives of patient for 10-15 minutes and his mobile and gold chain was snatched. He was admitted in ICU in serious condition.

Karnataka BJP MP Anant Kumar Hegde in January 2017 assaulted 3 doctors in Sirsi, Karnataka. Complete video footage is available in the internet. Was any action taken? No. Later in fact, PM promoted him to be his cabinet minister. 

In another incident this year, at Holy Cross Hospital in Kalyan ,more than 500 people beat up 15 doctors and also have damaged hospital equipment because 20 year old patient died of heart attack (doctors have tried their best to save him but unfortunately he died). Mob even targeted hospital staff with acid bottles. It was complete hostage situation for 3 hours. To mention, young patient with heart attack have less survival chances. 

In Dhule, March 2017, a patient was brought to government hospital with head injury. As neurosurgeon was not available in this government hospital, duty doctor asked the relatives to take him to other center. For this, the doctor was hit with rods, scissors and chairs. The assault was such that he had head injury and he lost his eye.But who cares in India? 

Recently, Pappu Yadav MP from Bihar has threatened doctors that he will assault them. This will obviously make public easier to assault more doctors. In the next page is the related article published in newspaper.                  

Also, in Ballari, Karnataka on February 2018, a radiologist was assaulted by congress leader Farhan (for making his wife wait for half an hour as he was busy in doing other pregnant patients ultrasound who were in queue). No action as been taken by police till now on assailant as it is time of elections in Karnataka.           

 When Indian doctor in Kansas, USA on 14/9/2017 gets killed by patient relative, suddenly Indian government comes in support of this doctor but when Indian doctor gets killed or assaulted in India itself, there is no support from Indian government/ PMO office/ PM Modi. No statement is issued by the government in framing and implementing a strong law to prevent such assaults in India.

What amuses us till now is that neither PM nor PMO office has given a statement regarding assaults on doctors. Also, not even in Mann Ki Baat  the matter on assault on doctors has not been brought into discussion

From past 2 years, there is not even one instance where a person who assaulted doctor in India has been punished. What is happening with this kind of assaults?

1. Students who are interested in becoming doctors are changing their carrier plans. 

2. Doctors in India are avoiding treating serious patients. They just send the patient to other big hospital to prevent getting assaulted. In the meantime, serious patient dies in between. 

3. Doctors who have been assaulted are quitting the profession.  

4. Doctors themselves doesn’t want their children to enter medical profession 

5. Doctors prefer to leave India and settle abroad  

6. Almost 50% of super specialist doctors have decided to quit India because  of assaults.  

7. Foreign learned Indian doctors who wanted to shift to India have completely  changed  their minds now. 

We don’t see any one country in the world where assault on doctors is more than in India? To be frank, Indian doctors are preferred in foreign countries even in countries like USA, UK etc. But in India, Indian doctors are assaulted 

Since last 10 years, India has become a health hub where patients from foreign countries come to get treated in India. Not only from foreign countries but even from Pakistan who treat India as their enemy. But still Indian doctors are regularly assaulted in India.

You may tell us we doctors community in India have few black sheep who are working for their personal gains. Well we don’t deny this point of view. Yes we believe that 1-2% of doctors in Indian doctor’s community are black sheep. But that doesn’t mean that people can keep assaulting on doctors who are serving in a true manner. Even military has 1-2% black sheep in India. Does it mean any military person can be assaulted by people of India?                     

Give me one example where doctor has been assaulted by relatives of patient and in turn doctor has also assaulted them. You will not find such an example because we doctors have not lost humanity till now. Imagine what will happen if doctors and the hospital staff hits back at the assailants.             

In the recent episode of Kashmir violence when stone pelting was done by public on military they protected themselves with pellet guns. As we are also saving the people of country when the public becomes violent on us, what should we do? As a PM of India you should explain us how should we protect ourselves?

                      Laws which are there at present on assault of doctors are very weak and also are only on paper. We want a very strong law on this issue as below:

1. Non bailable warrant must be issued by district magistrate immediately   on assailant. 

 2. Assailant should be treated as a terrorist. 

 3. Minimum imprisonment of 7 years to assailant. 

 4. Lifetime imprisonment for assailant if it is grievous in nature. 

 5. Immediately on assault of a doctor his public image gets spoil. Hence  assailant  should compensate doctor with minimum 1 crore for spoiling his image in public. If assailant doesn’t pay in 1 month then government has to compensate it. 

 6. If media/ Press/ politicians use the issue for publicity purpose, it amounts spoiling   the image of doctor in public. Hence each media/ press / politicians  who ever does it needs to compensate the doctor with minimum 50  crore in 1 month. 

 7. If any person including politicians are forcing the doctor not to file a FIR against  an assailant then it is the duty of district magistrate to issue a non bailable warrant against those people.    

  8. If politician/media/ politicians spoil the doctor-patient relationship for their own publicity, then an immediate non- bailable warrant should be issued by district magistrate immediately.

                We want the above 8 points to be implemented in 6 months.It is the duty of PM to protect us from getting assaulted. We don’t want assaults on us because this is democracy, but if patient wants to complain against a doctor always consumer court, sessions court, high court, supreme court, state medical council, medical council of India are available.

                 We will wait for 6 months for your kind response. If not, we will be forced to sit for indefinite fast in national capital. If you try to stop us, we will do fast onto death by doing our professional duties in our clinic/hospital on daily basis and put a poster outside that we are on fast on to death.             

                   If you still feel that what the assailants are doing is right, then we give the government 2 choices:

 1.  Call all doctors to a choice of your place and ask the military to fire at us indiscriminately like what happened in Jallianwallah Bagh and end it once for all. 

2.  Otherwise induce euthanasia for all of us because we are fed up of the threat to our life. 



            -  Above description is the qualified doctor’s life in India


 Thank you

                                                                                  Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                                                                               Super specialist doctors of India