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Retain mascot name (Stallions) for Frederick Douglass High School

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Frederick Douglass High School is being constructed on the former Hamburg Place Farm, where according to Fayette County Public Schools (FCPS) Superintendent Manny Caulk, "...the Madden family bred 14 champion racehorses, including four Kentucky Derby winners and the first Triple Crown winner - Sir Barton." Many streets in our city are named after horses such as Sir Barton and Man O' War.

On Monday, January 2nd a petition was started by Diane Cahill, of Lexington, KY demanding to have the new high schools mascot "denounced". She claims it is inappropriate and sexist based off its slang definition. It has since received over 200 supporters and FCPS decided to remove the mascot.

This is disappointing to see, considering the mascot has nothing to do with those things. Superintendent Caulk revealed that the decision to establish Stallions as the mascot was after they discovered that, " of the Madden's famed Stallions had been buried on the property where the new school was built." There are many schools in Lexington that have names and mascots that are or were male. Lafayette High School was named after Marquis de Lafayette, a male French general. Their mascot, the generals, was not created to disrespect, decry or discredit women, but more to honor one of America's great generals. Fayette County itself is named after him.

We as Lexingtonians should take pride in our history and strive to commemorate it, not argue over trivial matters such as the gender of a mascot. We feel our society has become too sensitive to such matters as simple as a school mascot. The point of the Stallions was not to denounce women, but to honor the rich history of the land the school is being built upon. In addition, the Keeneland green color was incorporated into the school to promote Lexington's profound equestrian history.

With that being said, there is a solution that could satisfy both parties. We are not looking into pleasing only our interests, but to find a compromise that recognizes the buried Stallion on which the school is being built and the communities concern regarding the mascots gender. Tates Creek High School, the Commodores, which is an exclusively male mascot, are called the Commodores and the Lady Commodores. A similar compromise could be made with Frederick Douglass High School. The male teams could be referred to as Stallions and the female teams as the Lady Stallions. We ask that Superintendent Caulk and the Fayette Co. Board of Education consider our requests and hope that a reasonable solution that both communities agree on is found.

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