Make shops have posters listing cruelty free brands or sections dedicated to such products

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Over 100,000,000 animals are killed each year due to animal testing.
90% of those animals are killed for no reason because although the cosmetics were deemed appropriate for use on animals, they go on to fail the human testing.
In shops, it’s hard to decipher between cruelty free and non cruelty free when you’re in a rush. You automatically go for what you know, rather than stopping and researching because it’s time consuming.

With posters up around stores, listing cruelty free brands, or sections dedicated to cruelty free products, it’s easier for consumers to opt for cruelty free brands.
If we start replacing our products cruelty free brands then we can all do our bit to help and protect those animals who are being exploited, that do not have a voice to protect themselves.

I was reduced to tears after seeing a picture of a small mouse with their delicate face burnt after being subjected to the cruelty of animal testing.
Over the coming weeks I will sit with my make up and skin care, and destroy all make up and skin care products that still test on animals, and replace these with cruelty free brands.
As human beings, the only fully conscious beings, we should have the intelligence and duty of care, to say no to animal testing.
Please sign this petition to help people make better choices and stop unnecessary animal abuse & exploitation.