Make Rugby League Great Again

Make Rugby League Great Again

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Started by Super League Fans

After recent events surrounding the Toronto Wolfpack's demise as a result of the decision made by Robert Elstone and the Super League Clubs, we the fans are calling upon those who want to see justice and transparency in the way Super League conducts it's business. 

This outcome and subsequent events brings into question the integrity of the process allowing clubs to be judge and jury and not be held accountable to the sport. 

For example, Super League's latest decision to add a 12th team without clear criteria for selection and will not receive the same central funding as the other Super League teams illustrates once again it's inability to have a level playing field for all clubs.

This petition is for fans of Rugby League at all levels. If you believe the governance of Super League lacks integrity we  the fans have an obligation to speak out and make our voices heard. 

Never has there been a moment in the history of Rugby League where supporters of all clubs need to be united  in demanding an affective and accountable executive team in managing the future of the Super League. 

756 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!