Increase Transparency within Super Evil Megacorp, specifically within their marketing team

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The primary goal of this petition is to get Super Evil Megacorp to be more transparent with their marketing within their app Vainglory. This includes providing detailed drop rates for mystery chests (the loot boxes within the game) in all servers and in all platforms. Apple has recently made it mandatory to do this in all apps, so they should include them for all consumers to see. It would also be nice to add a disclaimer to all consumers that purchasing multiple loot boxes does not increase or garuntee chances of getting a desired drop. 

This transparency should also be seen when changing marketing strategies, as seen with the latest golden ticket controversy. A golden ticket grants early access to a new game mode an update early. This update has yet to come out, but the company claimed that the only way to receive early access was through pre-registration (only content creators and partners have received it this way), completing standard quests within the game (which has yet to be proven to be true), and by using a loot box which has a 2% chance of giving early access. Since there was little to no success with the first two options, most players invested their time and money into the loot box. Some got lucky, while others lost upwards to hundreds of dollars to this loot box with no early access.

Recently, Super Evil Megacorp decided to implement a deal where you can purchase garunteed early access through real currency only. Since they never stated that they would give early access for direct purchase later, the vast majority feels cheated and lied to. As stated before, early access has not even started yet, so nobody gained a benefit from getting early access through the loot box aside if they got really lucky and managed to get it without needing to spend real money. If they were more transparent about this marketing decision and disclosed that they might sell early access through a direct purchase later, then this wouldn’t be an issue, but they didn’t. They need to be more honest about their marketing decisions.

The game itself is amazing, but the marketing within the app has become a strong deterrent to players both new and old. We would like to see Vainglory grow and improve, but if they continue down this dangerous path, they may face the same fate as other companies such as EA with Star Wars Battlefront 2. I really want to see this game succeed, but these marketing decisions are making me feel much less willing to spend money on this game. If they do continue down this path, there are high chances that even their most loyal fans will leave the game. 

P.S. Some other ways Super Evil Megacorp can increase transparency include:

  • Have less pop up deals when you open up the app
  • Thoroughly explain large decisions before they are made, not after the community disapproves
  • Stay true to your words
  • Actively listen to the community