Save the Last Ranch on Old Ranch Road!

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The Osguthorpe Ranch & Farm is a 158 acre alfalfa farm located in the very heart of the Snyderville Basin and is the anchor open space that makes the Old Ranch Road area a peaceful oasis of beauty and tranquility in the very heart of the popular resort community of Park City, UT.  As other farms and ranches have been sold to developers for home building, the Oz Farm is now the last major working farm in the Old Ranch Road area.  Sadly, it too, is now in danger of disappearing forever and becoming another housing development.  

Fortunately, we have an opportunity to save this incredible treasure and preserve the farm forever.  The Summit Land Conservancy (SLC) Link has organized a transaction to purchase an Agricultural Easement on the farm that would preserve it forever.  The easement would allow for the Osguthorpe's to continue to farm the land and for the community to enjoy the property as open space with recreational trails around much of its perimeter while prohibiting development forever.  Even more incredibly, the SLC has managed to obtain an $8.7M federal grant, a $3.4M discount contribution from the landowner and over $1M of private funds - $14M in all to fund the transaction.  This means that we can preserve this farm forever for only $4M of our County Open Space Funds - leveraging our fund dollars over 4:1.

As residents of Summit County, we have all voted for and contributed our Tax Dollars to the BOSAC fund (Snyderville Basin Open Space Advisory Committee) to preserve open space just like this farm, and we have $13M in this fund today. That's right - we already have the money sitting in our account to save this farm - and we are getting additional $$ from the federal government and private donations so we only have to use $4M of our BOSAC funds to do so.  We think this is an incredible opportunity to preserve the beauty, tranquility and agricultural heritage of the Old Ranch Road area and to protect the area from further harmful development.

This petition is being circulated to demonstrate support for saving the farm.  By signing this petition you are letting your elected officials - the Summit County Council - know that you support saving the farm, and support using our BOSAC funds to do so.