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Culturally Biased School Hair Policy

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Danica Sharpe- My son Josiah who attends Summerhill Primary academy is 5 year’s old and is currectly out of school until his hair grows back according to the schools length policy. My issue with this policy is that the grade they require is a grade 2 which isn’t fitting to all hairytypes. It therefore means that boys in the school with a afro-caribbean background are subject to being disadvantaged because of this policy. My son has always had his hair cut low on the sides to maintain a neat and tidy appearance as our hair type grows outwards rather than downwards. The headteacher seems to lack understanding in our cultural differences and therefore rather than be willing to understand and allow the policy to be fair for all she would rather punish my child by taking his playtime away from him and now not allowing him to be in school at all!

I wish for the policy to be changed to a neat and tidy haircut rather than specifying a grade. This way the policy will be able to be adhered by everyone and not put anyone at a disadvantage. The policy needs to be inclusive of all no matter race or hairtype.

Children all over the country are missing out on their education, being labelled as being disruptive, forced to question who they are, with similar polices in other schools.This is something that stretches back years, there needs to be national policy and guidelines to prevent this damaging more children like Josiah.