Save Andy’s Adventure Playground at Bestwood Country Park!

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On the 4th February 2000, we sadly lost my brother Andrew in a tragic road accident at the age of 16. As you can imagine, this was the most heartbreaking thing that myself and my family had ever been faced with and it was extremely difficult to come to terms with.  Soon after his passing, we found out that the adventure playground at Bestwood Country Park, one of Andrew’s very favourite places in the world, was being demolished.  My mum decided it would be a good idea to raise the funds to reopen it in Andrew’s memory, both for the community, but also to give us something positive to focus on.

Over the following eighteen months, together with family, friends and the immense support received from the local community we held countless fundraising nights and took part in several activities such as a sponsored 10 mile walk, runs, tree planting and even a sponsored head shave, eventually raising a grand total of £22,000 and replacing the park. The amount of help and support we received was overwhelming. Even to this day, we often speak to members of the community who took part in fundraising activities, who are now taking their own children and grandchildren up to the park and explaining to them about who Andrew was and how we all helped to build the playground together.

However, recently certain aspects of the park have been deemed unsafe, and the play equipment in itself needs replacing in it’s entirety, meaning that we face the possibility of losing the playground completely. For me the playground has always been a safe haven. A happy place to go when I want to remember Andrew and all of the lovely times we spent together as a family. It is so heartwarming seeing all of the children playing and laughing and creating memories with their own families and to know that we played such a huge part in making that possible. The idea, that all of this might simply be taken away is devastating and I cannot imagine Bestwood country park, without Andys adventure playground. Therefore, this petition will hopefully raise some awareness of this issue to prove that the local community care about this playground and the history behind it!