SUDAN: Stop military violence against peaceful, democratic movement

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I am outraged at the murder of unarmed, peaceful protesters in Sudan by the Transitional Military Council. I support the Sudanese people in their call for a complete transition from military to civilian, democratic rule. 

Whether the people of Sudan are exercising their right to free speech, to sit-in, to demonstrate, or take strike action, there should be no further threat of violence from police, military forces, or militias. Nor should there be any military or economic coercion from other countries with an interest in suppressing the Sudanese democratic uprising.

  • I urge the Transitional Military Council to cease and desist its repression, and hand political power to the civilian population. 
  • I urge Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Global Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland to speak out against the brutality of the Sudanese Transitional Military Council and its backers, and also to stand with the people of Sudan as they strike and engage in civil disobedience to enforce their legitimate demands.
  • I urge Canada to stop all forms of cooperation with the Transitional Military Council until those responsible for killing and injuring protesters are brought to justice.

I send my heartfelt solidarity to and hopes for the Sudanese workers, teachers, students, professionals, and all justice-supporting communities that their protests carry the day, and that they emerge unharmed from the brutality of the current regime.