We need more Vegetarian and Vegan options at Subway

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As more restaurants on a global scale have started to give options for vegan and vegetarian diets, some popular fast-food places don't seem to have taken the initiative to change their own. One of these is Subway: the commonly sought-after sandwich shop. Here, you can semi-create your own sandwiches on a choice of 6 different bread types - this is great for meat lovers as the majority of the menu is designed for them in mind. However, as a non-meat eater I struggle to eat there with the option of a plain salad, a vegetarian 'patty' (if it was even available there on the day), or on a Monday I could have a cheese and onion sandwich. These options seem quite pale and boring in comparison to the likes of Steak and Cheese, Meatball Marinara and Italian B.M.T. As a vegetarian, I still have options. Vegans don't though. Neither do those that are unfortunate enough to be allergic, or intolerant, to milk or gluten. 

As a substitute for meat/milk etc products, Subway could provide black-bean or lentil patties, tofu, falafel, and many more to ensure that they reach all customers and that everyone has a choice of food there.