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The Boonstock Music Festival, which celebrated its ninth year in June, attracted about 14,000 fans a day. Sturgeon County, the region where Boonstock is held has passed a bylaw banning all events over 2,000 people, and another motion has been passed to specifically ban Boonstock from its current location.

Some of the concerns which initiated the eventual ban were congested traffic, litter, and crime, primarily a home invasion that happened during Boonstock 2013 on a neighboring property.

The bylaws and bans have been passed. This petition is to show support for the Boonstock Music Festival, understanding the decisions that have been made will not be reversed.


Words from Colin Kobza, President of Boonstock:

“I promise Boonstock fans that our 10th anniversary will be bigger, louder and better than ever. … Our team is going to work extremely hard to make their 10th anniversary experience one they’ll never forget.”


Letter to
Sturgeon County Council
I am in support of the Boonstock Music Festival. The concerns which initiated the eventual motion to ban the festival including traffic, crime, and litter could have been improved in a more justified manner aside from placing a ban on the entire event.

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