MrHuDat for "Support God" Title

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As a child, Mr. Dan "HuDat" was a prodigy when it came to gaming of the video variety. His skill grew exponentially with age, seemingly endless. Even his parents trembled in fear from the mere sight of him grasping a controller. In his hometown, the victims in all the surrounding arcades would shake in crippling fear when HuDat entered, knowing that their high-scores just weren't safe.

The day His presence graced the servers of Battlerite, a panic overtook the SLS offices. "How can our game survive with the monstrosity that is MrHuDat running rampant on the solo queue ladder?", asked SLS Chris in the Council of the Seven. For months, Stunlock Studios were baffled with the immense amount of complaints in Liz and Katey's email boxes at how broken all the supports were in the game and they began to notice a trend.. all of these emails were written after playing against MrHuDat.

Throughout the years of young MrHuDat's Battlerite Career, he has grown an increasing amount of skills for each of the support characters in the ever-increasing cast that Stunlock Studios has to offer. He has shown quite an impressive amount of prowess with characters such as Lucie, Blossom, Oldur, Sirius, Pestilus, Poloma, and of course the exceptional beauty that is Pearl.

Stunlock Studios is quite possibly the most cutting edge company in all of Sweden. I can't even think of another Swedish company that can compete other than the notorious Swedish Fish. Boy is that a great brand of candy, almost as great as the handsome S-Tier humans that work at the glorious company of Stunlock Studios.

Despite MrHuDat not feeling very challenged while playing Battlerite, he strived for more and more ways to give himself motivation to improve. This is when he decided that like the Council of the Seven at SLS, he would create a challenge to compete. This challenge is: The Support God Challenge Extravaganza Where He Gets All 7 Supports To Grand Champion Rank (This Is The Highest Achievement Once Can Get In All Of Battlerite Btw) or, TSGCEWHGA7STGCR(TITHAOCGIAOBB) for short.

Not only does MrHuDat delve deep into the characters inside the arena, but he shows a boundless amount of knowledge for the character's stories and inner motives outside the arena. One of the characters on the support cast, Pearl, has even taken it upon herself to deify MrHuDat as THE Support God and speaks through him so that the character's stories can be spread to all the other "players" of the game.