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We're the 'Missing Voice' of Punjab University

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I am a student of the Institute of Social and Cultural Studies, Punjab University Lahore. Today I witnessed a brutal incident of a student's beating by an opposite  group. The boys who carried out this criminal act were wearing masks to hide their faces and were beating the victim with pipes. The whole scene was terrifying for everyone but we couldn't do anything.

Skirmishes between different student organizations are a regular occurence, but this attack was particularly intense and brutal.  

We come to the university only with the intent of studying. Our families think that their children are safe in the University but today I saw fear on every face. There is a general feeling of helplessness in the student body, as many feel we cannot change the status quo, nor resist it. The students who are not part of any political organization are unsafe and want some reforms. Otherwise, I feel one day we too can be attacked by anyone in our own department.


I'm starting this petition which represents the majority of the students who are studying and working hard. So I request you as our Vice Chancellor to send a strong message to all the political organizations that Punjab University is an educational Institution and no one will be allowed to interfere in our pursuit of education. We need to condemn and eliminate all forms of violence on campus. You are widely popular among students and are admired for your progressive opinions. We feel you are an ideal person to take strict decisions against this brutal act and hold all offenders accountable..




Therefore, we place the following demands for your kind consideration:

1. There should be boundary walls around the department.

2. There should be professional security guards to protect the students.
3. For the monitoring of any odd activity, CCTV cameras should be installed and functional.

4. We want the expulsion of the offenders who carry out illegal political activities or have indulged in violent activities.

5. Different functions or festivals which are organized by political organizations should be banned.

6. Moral policing (superiority, exploitation in the name of religion or ethnicity etc.) by student organizations should be banned.

7. Provide space to students for positive activities. All discussions or events, whether political, social or academic, should take place only with the permission of the administration.


The students of ISCS will fully support you in your endeavours to make our department a more safe and secure place.


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