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To continue the counselling process for JEE ADVANCED 2017

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supreme court stayed and halts the process of counselling for admission to various nit's,iit's and iiit,s because of the petition filed by two students who are saying the awarding of bonus marks in the JEE ADVANCED 2017 was wrong and it affected their ranks.

1. it's very illogical argument the students have said because after scraping of bonus marks from all candidates , the ranking will remain same and no effect on admission process as the seat is fixed for any institute and ranks will be create acc. to that so if every year iit's take 10,000 students then this year also they will take only 10,000 or some more due to increase in seats but it will not change anything forthose who haven't cleared the exam and gave their best in it.

so it's clear that staying the process and that too when two rounds have been conducted successfully and about 40,000 students have already accepted the seat will only harm a student's hardwork and his dedication.

2. this will also be very bad for other students who have given their JEE exam bad but their other exams like manipal, comedk,bits pilani etc. gone very well but now if the students will shift from JoSAA towards these private institutes then, these students who were more deserving for these seats will also not get the respective seats.

3. this will also be bad for those students who have left or rejected some seats in iit's or nit's and choosen to go in other private institutes or vice-versa .

so i think that this process must begin immediately without much delay and things must move on,

i appeal to all of you sign this petition and support us to reach this message to honourable supreme court of india.

EDIT 1 :

 from unconfirmed sources, i came to know that govt . of india might have some involvement in the halting of the counselling process suddenly when more than 30,000 seats have been already filled and accepted.

the sources said that govt. of india have taken lots of money by private institutions to halt the process of JEE counselling so that students would be diverted towards these institutions which sucks lots of money from students, otherwise why would supreme court of india would suddenly come in between to do all these mess !

“and if this true then, it is very sad day for all of us- students who are really preparing hard to crack these exams and this is an insult to our patience and dedictation !”

EDIT 2: the petitioner's arguments are fake and not reasonable as :

you can check at the above site "the petioner's copy" and go to page 14 and 15 .

now see in a country :-

where everyone knows that newspapers articles can be very easily be advertised and very easily can be shown to many people which requires only a reporter who may be someone from the petitioner’s family

another one : the iit alumnus which she is talking about is just a iitian and not a whole iit alumni and everyone can have diff. thought/opinion about this issue and again he may be again of petitioner;s family !

now : she is saying coaching institutes answer’s are more correct.

you tell that the coaching institute will tell the answer or the exam governing commitee will give ?

are these coaching institutes preparing the question papers for these exams that they are distributing the answers and on the basis of that this petition has been filed ??????????

the paper this time was very easy (also predicted by coaching insitutes-mind you)

and so everybody has predicted to be high cutoff and so ranks have been what they should be and there is no wrong ranking by IIT-M.

i hope everyone understands my reasoning.



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