Cancel Mike Pence's Speech at Lee University

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 We, the concerned Students, Faculty, and Alumni of Lee University along with Citizens of Cleveland, Tennessee, request that the University cancels Mike Pence’s visit to Pangle Hall.

Vice President Mike Pence will be visiting Lee University’s Pangle Hall on July 21, 2018. As a Christian collegiate institution which seeks to embody the life and example of Jesus Christ, we—that is, the Students, Faculty, and Alumni of Lee University along with the Citizens of Cleveland, Tennessee—ask that his visitation to Cleveland be cancelled for the following reasons:

1. Both his involvement with the America First Policies organization and his exhortation of its values defy and ignore the following Christian values: love of both friend and enemy (Matt. 5:44, John 13:34-35); caring for the poor, oppressed, and marginalized over insuring the rich (Matt. 19:21, James 2:2-7); welcoming the stranger and foreigner (Matt. 25:35, Lev. 19:33-34); justice and nonviolence rather than oppression and violence (Luke 4:16-19, Jer. 7:5-7).

2. America First Policies dehumanizes both refugees and immigrants who seek justice, liberty, and freedom from discrimination in the United States.

3. America First Policies, along with local sponsor Allan Jones, supports tax regulations and policies which will inevitably secure wealth for the middle and upper classes while further afflicting the working and poor classes of society.

4. Vice President Pence supports actions and policies against the LGBTQI+ community which shames and suppresses this community in ways which are harmful and disrespectful.

5. Vice President Pence refuses to acknowledge overt police brutality afflicting the black community, as well as the over-representation of the black community in America’s system of mass incarceration.

6. Vice President Pence actively supports the further militarization of police and ICE officers, putting all of the aforementioned communities at greater risk of unnecessary violence.

7. Vice President Pence does not represent the love, acceptance, and understanding which the Students, Faculty, and Alumni of Lee University, being a Christian institution and following the example of Jesus Christ, desire to embody and live out.

It is for these reasons, as well as others, that We, the Students, Faculty, and Alumni of Lee University along with Citizens of Cleveland, ask for the cancellation of Mike Pence’s visitation to Lee University. 

Disclaimer* The opinions presented in this petition are those of the individual signatories and do not represent the positions of all students and faculty nor of Lee University as an institution.