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We all know that poverty is one of the biggest issue of our country. But why is it we put less attention on this matter? Just a simple realization I would like to share, as I went through analyzing the problems we have here in the Philippines I've found out that poverty would be such the main root of some crimes we are experiencing today. Such as murder. Kidnapping, hold aping, snatching and so on are some of those situations that lead to murdering. All of the criminals are poor and aiming for something. Something that they don't have because they don't have enough money. Let's go to the issue about illegal drugs nowadays. Illegal Drugs aren't just revolving around the people who are rich but also to some destitute or poor people. They tend to think that pushing illegal drugs could make a lot of money for them. Again, poverty is the reason. Our country's economic status isn't that high. And maybe because of the increasing population of people who are in the poor level. So what other incidents are we waiting for? Are we going to let this bad things to be in a worst situation? As a youth, we care for our country. Even for just simply voicing out what's within ourselves. OUR GOVERNMENT SHOULD TAKE MORE ATTENTION ON THE ISSUES ABOUT POVERTY. POVERTY IS RAPIDLY INCREASING, LET'S DO SOMETHING!

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