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Dress Code, Its time for a change!

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Girls are being taught that they should change the way they dress. In our school system, girls are limited in terms of what they are allowed to wear because wearing short skirts/shorts and tank tops is "distracting to others." As women we shouldn't have to worry about getting "caught" for our choice of clothing during the hot months of the school year. We are fourteen to eighteen year old girls. This seems very unfair, because it sets girls up to be uncomfortable with their bodies Now, this isn't only a matter of rights of women, but human rights in general because it goes against The Bill Of Rights. While we disagree with the Department's rules and would like to change them, we still want the female students to respect their own bodies by knowing the difference between expressing their individuality through their clothing and abusing their privilege of not having such a strict dress code. Our school’s dress code for shorts, and skirts is that it has to be fingertip length. Well coming from us tall women… That’s a problem. Our fingertips go down to almost our knees. We do not own shorts that long, and we shouldn’t have to. It’s the same for tank tops, they have to be a three fingertip length, or we can’t wear it. Us girls don’t understand why guys can walk around with their boxers hanging out, and their sides showing, and they don’t get called out on it. I think that our school is unfair; sexist. We believe that there should be a dress code, but not just subjected to girls. We believe that shorts should cover our lower region, but instead we are being told that we must wear "Bermuda Shorts" which is pushing us more towards the health risk of Heat Exhaustion/Stroke due to the fact that our school does not have Air Conditioning in 98% of the rooms.

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