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Bring back Maynooth Christmas Day

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An open letter to the residents of Maynooth and Maynooth University,


This is an open letter due to the announcement regarding the cancellation of Maynooth Christmas Day yesterday. Maynooth University has been, for the past number of months, putting the welfare of students last on their list of priorities. First, they get rid of the beanbag room, a relaxed and open space in the library for everyone to kill some time between lectures and catch up with friends.

Second, they get rid of the common room, a place for commuters to, again, relax in inbetween lectures. Third, they accept 3000 more first year students than they did in 2016 making Maynooth an extremely overpopulated university. How many times this year have you went to the library to do some study and spend 20 minutes looking a seat and end up not getting one? There is simply no space on campus and everyone is sick of it.



Up until this point we have sat back and kind of excepted these changes because the bottom line is, we love Maynooth. Every person who has attended the university, loves Maynooth. The sense of community and openness is to be admired and respected by every college in Ireland.

Christmas Day was a day in which you wear Christmas jumpers, forget about college for one day and for the most part, have an incredible night out with your friends. For those who don’t know anything about Christmas Day, here’s a small overview of it. This day is one of two events that Maynooth students can celebrate. Many past students of Maynooth, recall all the fond memories they have surrounding the day itself. It’s often reffered to as one of the best events in the academic year. However, on Thursday night (9/11/17) the decision to cancel Christmas Day was announced. This announcement was met with much anger. The residents of Maynooth, bursting with joy over the idea of Maynooth students no longer celebrating Christmas Day. It’s well known, that the residents of Maynooth, seem to resent the students attending college in Maynooth. Complaining about things like excessive litter, which is caused by days like Christmas Day. The Students Union organise a clean up crew at 6AM in the morning every year so students can clean up the mess caused. Gardai, under pressure from locals, have asked the nightclubs in Maynooth not to acquire a late licence. Do the locals not realise, we students, provide the foundation on which the town is built. Below are just a few examples of what the students of Maynooth bring to the town:


•      We bring huge amounts of income into Maynooth town itself.

•      The number of bars, restaurants and shops would be limited without the student population.

•      The amount of jobs available have increased in Maynooth, as a result of the establishment of the University.

•      Creating huge income for landlords within Maynooth, and the surrounding area.




As a result of cancelling Maynooth Christmas Day, you are encouraging students to stay at home and binge drink. At least if the event was held in the Students Union, or even if the pubs/bars were granted their late licences this would mean students would be in a safer enviroment. Instead of this, students will be binge drinking in houses ect, where there is no such thing as a ‘closing time.’ We are nothing less than respectful towards Maynooth and its residents and in return, we get resented. This has to stop. Without students, the towns economy would simply crumble. The worst thing about all of this is that the SU president, Leon Diop, is being used as a scapegoat for the decision made by the University, and its residents. The students are placing the blame for this on Leon, and the Student’s Union, when in reality it should be placed on the University itself. This is beacuse the University has the final say on everything.  If Maynooth gets the reputation of being a college that is not allowed to host A CHRISTMAS PARTY, why would anyone come here? I for one would not have chosen Maynooth if I had known how disrespected I would be as a student. This must stop. If they cancel Christmas day because of, “Serious operational, public order and safety concerns..” (Leon Diop), where are they going to stop? Beach ball, another beloved event organised by the Student’s Union will surely be gotten rid of along with the many others we have. Oh wait, that’s all we have. We can’t sit back and let the University and town walk all over us. We have a voice and we must use it.




The students of Maynooth University.


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