Spring ISD Graduation Honor Cord Petition

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Honor cords are a visible representation of graduating senior’s academic and non-academic achievements, capturing their four years of hard work and dedication. A few years ago, Spring ISD’s graduation committee, that consists of administrators throughout the district, restricted and regulated the amount and which cords that seniors are allowed to wear for their graduation ceremony. Currently, they can only wear 3 cords, regardless of how many they have earned. The reasoning behind this rule is that other students, who didn’t earn any cords, felt discouraged and inferior. However, all students are given an equal opportunity to earn honor cords. This rule discourages students from going above and beyond the minimum. They are not being given the opportunity to showcase and be recognized for their efforts throughout their four years of high school. Cords are given to students to signify a level of achievement in various academic and extracurricular activities. Spring ISD heavily focuses on college readiness, and in college, if you don’t earn any cords or stoles, then you don’t walk with any. Whether it is a DSG, blood donation, or Cum Laude cord, they are all important in their own way, and students should be able to wear them. Having various students wearing their honor cords, reflects the district in a very positive way, showing how their students did more than what they needed to, their dedication, and motivation to work.

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