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Secure financial stability during studies for each student at UWL

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To whom it may concern:


As a post-graduate student currently studying at UWL, I have noticed through my experiences and surroundings that a vast amount of the student body at the University have been struggling to cope with the educational environment they have been placed in. I have witnessed many EU students including ones in their foundation year in different concentrations having to work in their job more than their studies. The students did not intend to put themselves in these situations. Many students have told me that they were not made aware of this prior to their attendance at UWL. It makes sense because had they been informed beforehand, there would not be so many students from the EU and other areas of the world in desperate need of money. Their job hours are full-time and even with that, the students are suffering financially. In turn, this wears them out and they are not able to function properly in a student environment.


Normally, issues like these do not come to my attention and if they do, they do not urge me to reach out like this. The situation mentioned above single-handedly does not show immediate concern, but when other students such as myself have access to solutions like financial federal aid, we are able to support ourselves without much effort at all. Meanwhile, many EU students, even those that had more money to start with from their savings, are finding themselves in situations where they would be better off terminating their studies and working. Many cannot go home for the holidays to see their families due to a low budget, and some of them are working during their stay on those holidays. The forced hours required from the jobs for these students are destroying their ambitions to succeed at the university and that is a painful sight especially in a well-respected university such as UWL. On the flipside, there are local students who show minimal effort in their studies but they can afford to since their financial treatment differs greatly from the EU students.


I am writing this letter because students are demanding that there should be more financial stability among the student body. The finance control is scattered but there should be a bearable minimum of opportunity for students who suffer from their finances. This way, no matter who the student is, if they receive an unconditional offer from the University of West London, they should be able to walk into and out of the university with the same mind as any other student with the same offer without any unnecessary obstacles such as finance that could jeopardize their stay. In addition, this would ensure that there would be no changes made to those who already have financial stability.


My proposal to secure the financial issues of students who are in need of it is by allowing them to take out loans in a similar or the same way as the students who do not suffer from it. Students should be able to receive their loans and pay them back respectively without having to worry about money during their studies. Some of the students like myself already have that in place but many who have signed this letter do not. With UWL’s 98% success rate for receiving jobs in the professional world, I think the university should offer and provide livable aid to every student who enters whether they are from the EU, US, or any other area in the world.



Colin Shecktor and all of the UWL students in need of secure finance

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