Change student nurse finance payment pattern!

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As many of us know, the NHS bursary for nursing students was stopped for new nursing cohorts from September 2017. It cut the nursing intake in half but it didn’t stop the dedicated rest still continuing on with their selfless, chosen vocation. 

Nursing students get 2 or 3 weeks of at Christmas, 2 weeks at Easter and 2 weeks in the summer. So that is 45 weeks a year at university or on placement (That is FULLTIME unpaid working in hospitals, nursing homes, in the community etc shadowing qualified nurses). So whilst we are working on placement in the location of our universities, other ordinary students get from June to September off, that is their summer to do with what they want which includes getting a summer job to earn money. 

Student finance maintenence payments are made to students (THAT IS MONEY STUDENTS HAVE TO PAY BACK, NOT BEING GIVEN) in October, January & April which is appropriate for a non nursing student at university for just only over half the year.

Taking all of that into consideration, why do nurses and ordinary students get the SAME student finance payment dates as mentioned above? From April to October we have no means of income unless we have parents who can pay our rent, feed us and pay for travel to placement, and how many of us do you think have parents who can afford that? There are many students who have one parent or are estranged from their parents or even worse are parents themselves and have children to support. Or unless we work 37.5 hours a week on placement and then do an extra 30 hours at a paid job to get a substantial amount of money in to live from. Would you like your student nurses to be tired, unable to concentrate and overworked? My guess is no.

Student Finance England did not think this through and as this is the first year of nursing students not getting the bursary, it is as if they are being treated with such apathy when that is exact opposite of what NURSING STUDENTS want to offer you, your spouse, your children, your family and your nation when they are in need and require care and treatment. We want to give that care and treatment but we cannot do it adequately under this stressful financial situation the payment dates are putting us under. Perhaps Studenr Finance England would like to do a year in nursing school and tell me how they managed? Because they would barely manage. 

Please sign the petition so we can bring to their attention they need to change their plan to fund nursing students throughout their academic year.