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Approve the Feminist Club

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We are a club looking to be formally constituted as an AMS club due to the importance of having a feminist presence on campus. Sign if you support our bid!

What does the club do?

We have come together as a social and educational space for feminists on campus so that they may socialize, learn from one another, and spread awareness on what feminism really is and what it hopes to accomplish.

Who would run it?

It is run by our brand spanking new executive team, consisting of president Cheneil Antony-Hale, treasurer Gillian Anselmo, VP External Margareta Dovgal, Director of Logistics Suzi Ross, VP Internal Amy Do, and Director of Communications Evelyn Cranston. We have also recruited two other helper bees, so to speak, to help us coordinate everything better, Gabe and Esther. We didn't really know each other until the formation of the club, which was put together by Cheneil, and was open to all who frequented UBC Needs Feminism, since it was advertised there primarily.

What kind of discussions would you have?/What would I gain by joining?/What would I learn?

Our efforts will be concentrated on making feminism accessible and welcoming to all, and how to spread awareness effectively. Many discussions will be oriented towards making feminsim less scary and dispel myths and negative stereotypes.

If you're not a feminist (yet, hopefully) you would have access to great events to learn more. Our first event will discuss gender fluidity and sexuality. As well, if you're a feminist already, this is a great platform for real life (as in, non-intimidating FB posts) conversation and discussion, as well as good old socialization at our planned pub nights.

Hopefully, you'd come out of our events more knowledgeable about the evolution of feminist thought, its modern day application, and how to integrate feminist scholarship on equality into whatever work you do at UBC and beyond.

What is the club's status on trans-gendered people?

We are completely gender inclusive and we are categorically opposed to any form of discrimination against trans people (aka trans-exclusionary feminists). We also believe that feminism is a critical vehicle for further awareness of how gender works, which is of course something which is needed to gain public support and recognition for trans movements.

Is the club affiliated with other feminist organizations in Vancouver?

Not yet! Though we are open to collaboration. We are a new club, but we have since planned partnership with the Foundation Foundation, which works with women in the Downtown East Side. As well, we are discussing collaboration with the First Nations' Studies Student's Association, the Sociology Student's Association, The Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice Student's Association, Pride UBC, the Social Justice Centre, and UBC Oxfam.

Are men allowed to join?

Absolutely! The Women's Centre, for example, is to provide a safe-space for women identified persons on campus, and we recognize the need for that. However, since we are a public club, we are open to all genders and in fact, want to make sure men are represented as well as possible.

What are the key reasons that a feminist club is needed at UBC?

Feminists here agree; we need a space to build bonds with like-minded and interested individuals and to plan efforts at spreading awareness in the broader UBC community.

What is the reason that the AMS has not approved of this yet?

Essentially the SAC has rejected our first application for constitution because we appear to be too similar to the Sexual Assault Support Centre. We disagree and we have even had the SASC write us a letter of support. Today we presented for the SAC a second time and we're using this petition to further momentum behind our mission to be constituted.

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