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Stricter laws for animal cruelty

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I feel the laws for animal abuse are not strict enough!If you abuse or cause a animal to die due to neglect or cruelty it should be mandatory that you serve time in jail for your first offense no question ask!The way the laws are now you don't go to jail for your first offense,you have to do it again how is that right?You have just done something horrific to a poor innocent animal that cant do anything about!We need to be the voice of those that are not able to speak for themselves!This has become a major problem in our country and needs to stop!So let's be the voice for the innocent animals in the world and do our best to protect them from the monsters that are out there just waiting for their next victim.All animals want is to be loved and give love back!❤️ Let's make this happen!!I want to extend this to all animals domestic and wild,no animal should ever have to be mistreated.

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