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Boycott FamilyRP

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Tony, Buddha and rest of Lean Boys have been peer pressured / forced into turning down their RP style because FamilyRP admins Eli, Proxy and Timmac want to run a cop dominated style RP server.

As viewers we are disappointed by the decision of Tony (which appeared to be on behalf of the rest of LB) and we feel by taking this decision they're killing off their characters even though that's what they are known for, as a streamer you're neglecting your viewerbase which is majority Action RP based, we don't want to see bike rides to the mountains, we don't want to see you guys going around trying to run legal businesses, we don't want to see you guys play on FamilyRP and have cops serve you 5-6 hours of jailtime because the admins don't want to have criminals, we don't want to see you get chased by crazy cops who abuse their powers and /fix their cars while in pursuit. 

Toning down the RP even further is only going to hurt your viewers in the long run because then all your subs/viewers will migrate to cop streamers because that is where most action would be possible out of all the RP'ers. This decision is a lose / lose for both streamers and viewers.

Streamers of LB need to realize the fact that they play on FamilyRP is not why we watch them, we watch them because of all their individual characters doing their criminal RP daily. So with that being said the best decision would be switch to a different server like NoPixel or a new one altogether, many streamers have stopped streaming RP because of the cop drama which is why it's important to have a balanced criminal-cop RP not completely one sided. Because this seems like a case of admins trying to save their face, don't buy into their crap.

- Concerned viewers


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