WWE 2K19 WWEGames WWE2K Bring Selectable Arenas to Create-a-Arena

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Call this a community out reach.

One that has not been really heard. Youtubers have tried but it seems things have really fallen on deaf ears this year.

There are options that need to be patched in the game feature of Take-Two Interactive 2K WWEGames create-a-arena that aren't available. We the community have waited sense 2015 for create a arena features to be added by 2k Games "PATIENTLY". Year after year sense Take Two has claimed developer rights. They have failed to deliver extra features to the core component of the games creation suite. What's even worse is that they are features selectable OUTSIDE of the create-a-arena feature.

I mean, it's really a slap to the face for all creators.  This is hanging a bone in front of our faces.

WWEGames has talked about making the game more fun for the community but still does things like this to insult the consumer over and over again. The little things ADD UP.  The majority of gamers go directly to the creation suite for either creating a superstar or a virtual leagues arena for their custom shows for video content purposes. This particular area of the creation suite has been a very neglected part of the franchise regardless of it being one of the core features and selling point to the product.

Calling for the PATCHING & implementation of the High School Gym, High School Parking Lot,  Japan Dome, Japan Hall, Mexico Plaza, & Metropolitan Center for selectable features within Create-A-Arena. These "settings" fore the base of the create a arena feature are a core fore the consumers to create their vision and again, is a high selling point for the game.

Take Two Interactive has for the past three years delayed information on it's creation suite untilt the leading week of it's release. In which most loyal fans have already Pre-Ordered their product. This is almost leading to a false representation of it's features of the product and or leaving up to a consumers imagination of what is actually part of the finished product. This is also allowing false advertising without actually releasing false information because it boils down to just speculation. 

These are small features in the grand scheme of things but it is time to let them know that they aren't listening and they need to start.

As a long term and avid player of this franchise from early 2005 to when Take Two took over. Band with me to get these features added and patched into WWE 2K19 across all platforms.

It's time to take a stand against Take Two Interactive and Yukes.