Stop Strathfield Council's proposal to restrict non-English signage

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At the April 10 meeting of Strathfield Council, a proposal was made to restrict non-English signage in the council area.

All new business signage must "be displayed in the English language, with a direct or near direct translation into another language using smaller letters or characters. Where signage includes a translation into another language, this must not exceed more than 30% of the overall size of the English language text"

This proposal is profoundly flawed for several reasons. Firstly, it is difficult to determine what exactly is a foreign word and what is an English word - for example, is 'pizza' a foreign word? It also fails to represent an area where large numbers of residents come from non-English speaking backgrounds. Finally, it creates further red tape for businesses in the area.

Please sign the petition to let Strathfield Council know we do not want restrictions on the languages we use in the area.