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Petitioning Walmart CEO Michael Duke

Stop Walmart from Firing Cancer Patients for Using Medical Marijuana


Joseph Casias, a cancer patient, Walmart employee and former “Associate of the Year” from Michigan, was fired for testing positive for marijuana. His doctor recommended he use the drug, legal under Michigan law, to treat pain from sinus cancer and a brain tumor.

Walmart doesn’t care that marijuana is legal to use medicinally in 14 states and is sticking to its policy of firing any worker who tests positive for marijuana use.

Medical decisions should be made between doctors and patients and companies like Walmart should respect those decisions.

Tell Walmart to stop firing patients like Joseph Casias with cancer and other serious afflictions simply for taking medicine recommended by their doctors. 

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Letter to
Walmart CEO Michael Duke
I simply cannot believe that Walmart fired a cancer patient, Joseph Casias, for taking medicine prescribed by his doctor. Your company should respect the private medical decisions made by doctors and patients when treating serious afflictions like cancer.

Marijuana is legal is 14 states when used as a medical treatment. Your blanket policy of firing all employees who fail drug screenings may be legal but is offensive and insensitive.

Please, I urge you to have compassion for your employees who are suffering and whose doctors have recommended marijuana as a treatment.

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