Stop Verizon From Abusing Our Family And Preserve Individual Rights During 5G Expansion

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* All supporting research and documentation is provided below. I have a science degree and we are well aware the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

Short Version

Sacramento is one of the first cities in the world to receive 5G technology. Verizon is currently installing "small cell" antennas on top of light poles throughout my neighborhood. Due to the proximity of the antennas, particularly proximity on the vertical axis, exposure from these antennas is 10-1000's of times higher than exposure from previous generation antennas. This is PROVEN by a pilot study commissioned by the City of Sacramento. One of the first antennas was installed just 45 feet from our family’s home in December of 2018. 

Shortly after the antenna was installed, several members of my family, including my two young nieces, began experiencing health problems. We have had these problems documented and attributed to the antenna outside our home by practicing physician Dr. Gunnar Hueser. These problems were largely alleviated when we installed shielding inside our home and moved the children into a back room away from the antenna. The shielding significantly reduces our exposure but it is still very high and we are concerned about long term health effects. I have been in contact with several members of my community that have also experienced health problems they attribute to the antennas. Additionally concerning we have found a number of permitting issues for the some of the antennas. 

Since March 2018, my family has been trying to get the now SIX antennas outside our home removed. All the antennas still stand. We have banded together with other members of our community to resist the unchecked expansion of the 5G network in our neighborhood and beyond.

We do not want to be subjected to this threat all day, every day, inside our own homes. It is abuse and it is not OK.

Roughly a million of these antennas are set to be installed throughout the US over the next few years. Please sign our petition to stop this abuse and establish a precedent for resisting these antennas outside our homes. Specifically, this petition seeks to:

1. Demand Verizon immediately turn off and uninstall the antennas outside our home.

2. Demand local and federal governments work with telecom companies to create and adopt an “opt out” program for individuals that do not want an antenna within 1000 feet of their home.

According to Verizon, 5G technology works very well at ranges of 2000-3000 feet. There is no reason to install these antennas so close to people who do not want them. Thank you.


Long Version

In late December, Verizon installed a cell antenna on a light pole 45 feet from my family’s home at roughly the same height as our second story. The antenna was installed without our permission, without any notice at all. This antenna was installed as part of the 5G (fifth generation wireless technology) testing here in Sacramento.

About a month after the antenna was installed, several members of my family started experiencing health problems. Specifically, my two nieces came down with cold/flu like symptoms. The symptoms would come and go and we couldn’t tell if they were catching new bugs or just struggling to fight off the same illness. My whole family is extremely health conscious and, thankfully, we rarely ever get sick. It was very hard to watch their transformation from such healthy, happy, and energetic children to run-down and chronically ill. Other family members, including myself, started experiencing unusual symptoms such as headaches and sleeplessness. We have had these problems documented and attributed to the antenna outside our home by practicing physician Dr. Gunnar Hueser. These problems persisted for over a month before we began to seriously consider that the recently installed antenna could be the cause.

I started researching the safety of cell antennas and the radiation they emit. There are hundreds of peer-reviewed, scientific studies and articles suggesting a variety of negative health effects associated with cellular (RF) radiation, including the very problems we were experiencing. There are thousands of doctors and scientists warning about the dangers of RF radiation and wireless technology, specifically the implementation of 5G technology. An extensive list of credible resources can be found on my website:

I shared my findings with the neighbors. We wrote a letter to Verizon requesting they remove the antenna. Verizon denied our request stating the antenna was compliant with FCC guidelines. The FCC told us that their guidelines are safe and that our health problems are not their problem.

Upon further investigation of the FCC guidelines and statements, as well as the permitting information for the antenna, I have found that exposure on our property can exceed the FCC limits for safe exposure. Additionally, safety limits were not evaluated at the height of surrounding two story buildings, even though people will be exposed at that height. This specific information was present in permits for other antennas, but was missing in our permit. We also recently noticed a small warning label on the antenna that says exposure near the antenna can exceed the FCC occupational exposure limits which are five times higher than the general population exposure limits. 

Since March, our family has repeatedly reached out to Verizon, XGcommunities (the engineering firm that performed the RF compliance report), the FCC, the City of Sacramento, Mayor Darrel Steinberg, my Councilmember Rick Jennings, my Congressperson Doris Matsui, and my Senators Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein.

None of these parties have accepted responsibility for our health problems or been willing to move the antennas. They have consistently been unwilling or unable to answer basic safety questions, address the issue of exposure on our property exceeding the FCC safety limits, address the financial repercussions of the antennas, or address our other grievances. These parties have pointed the finger at one another, with no one wanting to accept responsibility for these issues. We need your help to hold these parties accountable.

The FCC is the primary authority in the United States responsible for implementing and policing safety standards related to wireless communications. Unfortunately the FCC is also demonstrably corrupt and completely controlled by the telecom industry. This is demonstrated very clearly in a book published by the Harvard University School of Ethics. The FCC's safety standards are also based on the outdated assumption that the only negative health effects of wireless radiation are "thermal effects." Effects on cell membranes, DNA, or electrochemical changes are not considered by the FCC's safety limits. Simply put, if the radiation is not cooking you, the FCC considers it safe. 

In addition to harming us physically, the antennas being installed in Sacramento are  collecting user data without consent from the public. The 2017 Master License Agreement between Sacramento and Verizon clearly states that these antennas will be collecting data and that the City of Sacramento is responsible for obtaining any required consent. The public was not even given notice of the antenna installations let alone the City's data collection policies. I have filed several public records act request to obtain this information but those have been ignored. 

Please sign our petition and share this petition to stop Verizon from abusing our neighborhood and pressure our federal and local governments to intervene on our neighborhood’s behalf. Specifically, this petition seeks to:

1. Demand Verizon immediately turn off and uninstall the antennas outside our home.

2. Demand local and federal governments work with telecom companies to create and adopt an “opt out” program for individuals that do not want an antenna within 1000 feet of their home.

We do not want to be exposed to the radiation from Verizon’s antennas. We do not want to be harmed inside our own homes. We do not want to live in constant fear for our children’s safety. These are basic rights and they are being violated.

Roughly a million of these antennas are set to be installed in the U.S. over the next few years. If we do not make our voices heard governments and telecom companies will continue on with the 5G roll-out. One of these antennas could show up on your doorstep without any notice. If you oppose the antenna, you will likely experience the same treatment we are getting. Help us win this fight and establish a precedent for opposing these cell antennas in our front yards. It is abuse, and it is not ok. Please share this petition to warn others of the dangers and problems 5G will bring.


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Local/Global Campaign

Myself and members of my community are currently engaged in a local campaign to raise awareness about the cell antennas being installed in the Sacramento area as part of the 5G roll-out. Most people we speak with have no idea what 5G is, what it means, or the problems it presents. Here is a video of our group speaking at city council.

Our campaign has two primary objectives: 

1) To raise awareness about the 5G network currently being installed in the Sacramento area and the plans to implement 5G globally. 

2) To work with telecom companies and local and federal governments to establish an "opt out" program for individuals that do not want an antenna within 1000 feet of their home. 

According to Verizon's own executives, engineers, and product demonstrations, 5G antennas operate very well at 2000-3000 feet and have no problems penetrating walls or foliage. 3G and 4G antennas operate at even greater distances. This means there is no need to install an antenna within 1000 feet of someone who does not want an antenna near their home. We hope this will serve as a model for telecom companies and governments around the world to preserve the rights of individuals who do not want to be exposed to radiation from cell antennas inside their own homes. No one should have to experience what my family has gone through.

Sacramento is one of the first cities in the world to implement 5G but over the next few years, as the 5G network expands, this will become a national and global issue. Please support and share our campaign to help us win basic human rights for ourselves and for all people.



Prior to the antenna being installed I was a Verizon customer for 15 years. After the abuse we have suffered from Verizon and the rude and dismissive response we have received, I have switched my cell service. Right now Verizon is the main telecom company installing true 5G technology. If you feel strongly about this issue, I encourage you to call out Verizon on social media (particularly Facebook and Twitter). If you are a Verizon customer I encourage you to switch your service. Let's send a message to Verizon and other telecom companies that we will not tolerate their abuse. 


Contact Representatives

In 2017, the city of Sacramento sold out it's residents in the first of it's kind "Public-Private Partnership" agreement with Verizon. Verizon agreed to invest 100 million dollars into the city as well as a handful of additional investments and perks. In exchange, the city of Sacramento agreed to house Verizon's antennas on city infrastructure at a discounted rate as well as streamline the permitting process and deployment of Verizon's antennas. This could explain the missing information in the permit for our antenna. You can watch the city council meeting where they discuss this agreement. They repeatedly reference taking risks to be on the cutting edge of technological advancement and to "put Sacramento on the map." This agreement was not voted on by the public and was announced only four days before city council approved it. The residents largely had no idea, and still have no idea what is happening in our city. We are being subjected to the risks, Verizon and the city reap the rewards. Unacceptable.

I encourage you to reach out to our neighborhood's representatives and tell them what they are doing is NOT OK. Tell them they are accountable to their constituents, not Verizon, and that our safety is among their primary responsibilities. I also encourage you to reach out to your representatives and tell them not to sell you out the way Sacramento sold out it's residents. Tell them you do not want an antenna near your home, that you do not want to be harmed or subjected to an unnecessary health risk inside your home. If we do not make our voices heard they will continue. Contact info:


Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 1-888-225-5322

The FCC is the federal agency allowing the telecom companies to trample on our rights. Their safety standards were created in the 1990's are among the least restrictive in the world. They have ignored very significant recent studies and thousands of experts urging them top update their safety standards to reflect current exposure levels and more recent research. They have ignored warnings from NASA and NOAA that 5G will interfere with their weather satellites. They have multiple, obvious conflicts of interest including the FCC chairman Ajit Pai who is a former Verizon attorney. Contact the FCC and tell them they are doing a terrible job and we will not allow them to continue to abuse the people for the


Here is some info on property values: