Ask Toyota To Recall The "Supra" Name From Their 2019 BMW Co-developement Car.

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Please read the proposed letter to Mr. Toyoda and if you agree of the contents it delivers feel free to sign and/or comment your inclusive ideas below. 

A German co-development Supra is a catastrophic disaster to our aftermarket supporting industry and damaging to the Supra legacy. Customers are forced to resort to German aftermarket support companies instead of traditional Japanese companies as well as shops around the world (who are not mentioned unless requested) that have supported the Supra legacy in recent decades.  

The MKV engine is a B58 that began production in 2015. The design of the engine, majority of the chassis, exhaust, suspension, differential, as well as much of the interior components such as the floor mounted pedals are designed by BMW engineers. Even the seatbelt warning ringtone is a BMW one.  

The 2 seater BMW Z4 had failed sale figures in most recent years. The biggest problem BMW has with the Z4 is the market - nobody wants to pay the expenses that comes with vehicle ownership only to have 2 seats. Arguably offering the Supra's legacy to BMW was the biggest mistake Toyota's CEO has ever done since he has taken office in 2009.

The letter:

"Dear Mr. Toyoda,

While representing a population of Toyota Supra communities, aftermarket industries, fabrication shops, as well as signatures from other car enthusiasts around the world we write to you to express our emotions, passion and our concerns we have in regards to both the livelihood of the Supra and reliability of the Toyota brand.

Since the FT1 concept debut in Detroit January 2014, you had the attention of car enthusiasts all over forums, social media and car meets around the world. But since then unpleasant rumors have been told that the legend will become a co-development.

With the co-development of the GT86 with Subaru enthusiasts originally had mixed feelings regarding the idea of a co-developed sports car, but were quickly adaptive to its existence simply because it was a brand new name. The GT86 are pleasant to drive as they were affordable and became a success. 

But unlike the GT86 production line debut the Supra already had a long and powerful history in the automotive community making the emotion of a MKV co-developed immediately adverse, and irreversible to most.

We kindly ask you to consider the identity of the BMW co-development to be changed and released as a all new sports car production for its category.

We feel that only the very craft of its own legacy is capable of creating a MKIV successor and perfecting it. Only Toyota deserves the credibility to produce vehicles that wield a Supra badge as it is suppose to be one of leading examples of Japanese Performance, Japanese car culture, as it is the very pinnacle of the Supra legacy. The Supra is the modern livelihood of your family, such as the 2000GT and the Toyota Crown. No other car manufacture deserves co-ownership to such legacy.

Outside of Toyota facilities is a industry of independent automotive engineers who have spent decades studying your product to design aftermarket supporting products to obtain the full potential of your Japanese legend. These are companies located all over the world, and it all started in Japan first. It was the aftermarket industry who are responsible for complimenting the MKIV Toyota Supra as the automotive hero in The Fast And The Furious which have ignited a new era of automotive culture. But unfortunately after generations of support that industry is at a total loss, because this Supra is now unrecognizable to the Japanese automotive culture. Costumers will be seek aftermarket support from BMW's European sources considering they are now 4 years ahead of design with BMW's B58 engine.   

We see that affordability is what you have provided. We also understand that a newly designed chassis in 2019 comes with a much higher cost than it has in 1996, when the selling price of a Aerotop Twin Turbo 6 Speed MKIV Supra were around $57,000 which is very close to the low MSRP of $50,000 today. We understand that production costs have changed since 1996, and we see what you have done to counter. 

There is one return of a Japanese legend with supercar-potential and it has a $100,000 MSRP respectively. History supports that a limited market for a powerful product means one with high resale value that can never depreciate. We understand that a full Toyota design, with FT1 aggressiveness, a larger scale vehicle (one with rear seats), a fast and reliable Toyota/Lexus engine with supercar like potential, the handling and safety components to accommodate such a legend means a MSRP price that would reflect. We write to you to say that we are still passionate of your family legacy, and we will remain patient. 

Kind regards,
The Supra Community. "