Stop thoughtless waste disposal, before our environment becomes the waste.

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Hey you, how often do you take fruit to work? Or even the leftovers from last night? You do! That’s great, so do thousands of other Australians. Where does all this organic waste end up? In the bin, straight to landfill.

The problem is thousands of kilos of organic waste ends up in land fill and contributes to the methane produced and released into the atmosphere. That’s thousands of kilos of organic waste that can be avoided and disposed of correctly. Each and every one of us who has put left overs and fruit cores in the general rubbish because our environment is limiting us to this pathway.

What are the facts?

·      Australians waste 4,000,000 tonnes of food each year

·      27% of the food waste comes from leftover food

·      Young people aged 18-24years are the biggest culprits for food waste

·      When food rots in landfill it produces Methane, 25 times more harmful then   carbon pollution.

 What we are aiming to achieve

·      Introduce organic waste bins on Curtin Bentley campus

·      Introduce a composting system to convert organic waste into compost which can be use throughout Curtin university gardens.

We are Curtin University student working on project THRIVE@Curtin and we are advocating for changes to our waste disposal system. We would like to see Curtin university introduce organic waste bin and a composting system on our campus. We feel a personal responsibility to implement change, as the inaction of change has a detrimental impact on the environment. Help us and show your support by signing this petition and let’s make our campus a sustainable one.