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To stop the traveling circus of the European Parliament between Brussels and Strasbourg!

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This petition is started by Anna Maria Corazza, Pina Picierno, Ashley Fox, Beatriz Becerra and Ulrike Lunacek.

Currently, 751 Members of the European Parliament together with almost 5,000 employees have to travel every month from Brussels where most of our work is done, to Strasbourg where we hold our monthly plenary sessions.

The European Court of Auditors has estimated that the costs for this amounts to about €114 million annually, and causes 19 000 tonnes of Co2 emissions into the atmosphere. Furthermore, it implies the loss of an average of 12 workdays per employee per year in travelling time; a total of around 60,000 workdays per year. This situation is not only costly and wasteful, but it also makes the European Parliament less efficient. 

The Members of the European Parliament have with overwhelming majority and in several reports over the years voted in favour of a Single Seat and to be able to decide for ourselves where and when to meet. A change of the Treaty of the European Union is necessary to make this possible. Such a revision requires a decision taken with unanimity by all Member States.

The Single Seat Steering Group is driving a pro-European campaign with over 100 members of different nationalities. We work cross-party for a single seat of the European Parliament.

The European citizens ask us to work in a costless and sustainable way, but to do this we need your support to put pressure on the governments of the 28 member states. Please sign this petition for a more efficient European Parliament.   

Thank you

Anna Maria Corazza, MEP

Pina Picierno, MEP

Ashley Fox, MEP

Beatriz Becerra, MEP

Ulrike Lunacek, MEP

Dennis de Jong, MEP 

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