Stop the sale and loss of 600 jobs at Historic RAF Scampton, Home of the Red Arrows.

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RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire, which was also the headquarters of 617 Squadron as they prepared for the Dambusters mission in World War Two, has been home to the Red Arrows since 2000.

Six hundred people currently work at the site near Lincoln. The MoD plan to close this site to save money due to cuts in Government funding. Meaning the Red Arrows will be made to move, and an important part of British History lost. 

This is an important part of British History and should not be sold, lost abandoned or forgotten about. This is about preserving and protecting our heritage and proud achievements. 

In May 1943, Lancaster bombers of 617 Squadron left RAF Scampton to carry out air raids on the dams of the Ruhr valley.

The base has been at the heart of RAF operations ever since, but after surviving countless rounds of defence cuts it is now being sold as the MoD tries to save billions of pounds.

This base can easily be saved and allowed to carry on as usual.....far too much of our History has been lost this way. Clearly as long as the Government save up for their Christmas bonuses, and keeps cutting funds, this will happen more and more. They don't care what is sold and to who, but as a proud British citizen i care about loosing yet more of our rich proud History. 

Not the ideal way to mark the 100th anniversary of the RAF!