Stop the redevelopment programme at karrakatta cemetery

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  Please stop Cemetery clearance


The redevelopment programme at karrakatta cemetery has been going for many years. This programme leaves our ancestors,  returned soldiers , ordinary men women and children left with no marker.   No sign these people even existed once the headstone is removed.

The plots on either side of old burials are then sold.

The public of Perth are largely unaware of the change in legislation making all grants run out in the 2/7/2012 even if time remained. 

It is disrespectful to those who built this state. Cemeteries are museums and a wealth of knowledge.

Headstones are a beacon for us to find our loved ones. Families left behind are devastated and appalled , that despite requests to save their families headstones they have been removed from the grave, and often destroyed.


Headstones have been removed from many graves of our soldiers that fought and suffered badly during the wars so that we may have our freedom. Now they have no markers on their graves ... is this the way we thank them?

Headstones from founding pioneers, people who have contributed historically to this state have had their  headstones removed ... is this how we thank them?


The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board has other options available without removing headstones from graves but they refuse to consider these options. 


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