Protect abuse survivor Emily Klotz.

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Emily Klotz is like so many in the judicial system: against monumental odds she if fighting so her abuser is charged. Unfortunately Emily struggles against a conflict of interest within the judicial system standing in her way. Originally denied access to a court appointed attorney, Emily demanded and received the services of a competent attorney who the prosecutor later attempted to have removed for an unsubstantiated accusation of a conflict of interest due to the time she had worked as a public defender in Morehead. Emily’s abuser had several felony criminal charges levied against him during that time but the attorney did not represent him or have any involvement in his case.  She had refused to push Emily into a plea bargain on other charges where the prosecutor had used her son as a bargaining chip. And every time she walks into court she has to face her abuser, the man who admitted his abuse in writing, the man who tried to kill her.

 His confession to the abuse has been overlooked while she continues to be forced into various court compliances (which she has fulfilled). One of these orders required her to undergo a mental evaluation.  She was referred to Pathways for that evaluation. The prosecutor who made the physician referral also serves on the Board of Directors at Pathways. Even more disturbing Emily’s abuser is also an employee of Pathways. The prosecuting attorney also used to serve as the assistant prosecutor for the judge presiding over Emily’s cases and has repeatedly taken advantage of this working relationship to influence and prejudice the judge against Emily. The concerted effort to suppress the truth and to deny a fair hearing to Emily flaunts ethical standards that are crucial to the judicial process.

 Despite fulfilling every requirement she has been compelled to act upon, the court still treats her as a hysterical woman. She’s undergone psychological evaluations, treatments, and admittance to Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center (which included multiple strip searches), she’s kept a residence for almost two years, she has returned to school, and has the support of her church and community. Despite all this her abuser is treated more like an upstanding memeber of the community than she is.

 What we want is for Emily’s voice and the voices of the people who support her to be heard. What we want is for the Rowan County Judicial System to take the confessions of abuse from her ex seriously. Ultimately, we want Emily to have her as much of her peace of mind back as she can.

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