Stop the Proposed Apartment Complex in East Simi Valley

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We, the undersigned, oppose the proposal and construction of four-story apartment blocks at the corner of Tapo Street and Alamo Street as incompatible in scale and character with its surroundings.

AMG & Associates, an investment development firm, proposes to build a 278-unit, four-story apartment complex on the corner of Tapo Street and Alamo Street in Simi Valley, adjacent to the Belwood (Texas) tract and Kadota Fig neighborhoods. The majority of the residences in these neighborhoods are single-story, owner occupied, and the density averages 2 to 4 units-per- acre. AMG, however, proposes to construct 47 units-per- acre in its development. As nearby residents, we support the building of housing in character with our neighborhoods, and consistent with the Guiding Principles of our City's General Plan: "Importantly, new development is sensitive in its design and is compatible in scale and character with its surroundings."

Citizens United for Responsible Building (“CURB”), this Petition’s sponsor, in association with the undersigned, urges the City of Simi Valley Planning Commission to reject the proposal in favor of maintaining our property values and quality of life, consistent density and height of housing in our neighborhood, assuring adequate parking, and minimizing traffic congestion.