Stop the Prime Minister from having yet another vote on her Brexit deal

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At a time when politics is so broken what we need is compromise and understanding.The Prime Minister has constantly mocked suggestions of a second referendum claiming that they would be undemocratic and undermine the will of the people.

The Prime Minister has already suffered two of the four biggest defeats in Parliamentary history on her withdrawal agreement and yet instead of reaching out across the house she wants to bring about a 3rd edition of the vote.

Page 397 of the commons rulebook clearly states "A motion or an amendment which is the same, in substance, as a question which has been decided during a session may not be brought forward again during that same session."

In Parliament the Attorney General said that EU negotiations on May's deal had ended, and the vote was decision time. And yet here we are with the country being held to ransom by the Prime Minister and MPs are being browbeaten into voting for her deal despite it already being hammered twice. 

The rules of the commons clearly mean that this vote should not be allowed to happen for a 3rd time and with this in mind we urge you as the Speaker of the house to prevent this vote from being brought back yet again.