Stop the partition of Bushey Manor Field

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There are plans to partition Bushey Manor Field. The Trustees of the field wish to fence-off one part of the field, and exclude users of the field who have a dog with them from entering the newly fenced-off enclosure. Currently, the field is a delightfully open and unspoilt space, and is much loved for this reason.
The proposed metal fence will be an ugly visual imposition (Bushey's very own "monstrous carbuncle"). It will create a 'them and us' atmosphere among users of the field. The resulting exclusive enclosure is likely to be a little-used white elephant. The installation of the fence will be a waste of the funds which the trustees are responsible for husbanding. If you object to this proposal for an internal fence in Bushey Manor Field, and the segregation of its users, please sign this petition.

Do not partition the field. The integrity of the field as one whole, complete and undivided space - open to all - should be protected. No internal fences. No segregated enclosures.