call on the government to order a independent investigation into forced adoption/fostering

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These are three of my nine grandchildren, the twin babies have been stolen for the adoption business with no lawful reason, their 3 year old sister lives with me from birth now 8 years old I have five grown up children of my own of which all of them have families of their own, my wife and I own our four bedroom house mortgage free wear we brought up our own family without any social services involvement

I was refused to be a party to the case right up to the hearing

  At the final hearing the judge granted me to be a party to the case too late to get a solicitor I tried but no one would touch it.

been made a party to the case I was allowed to ask questions and to cross examine  the others but I am no solicitor it was more of a lamb to the slaughter and they all knew it. During the final hearing the judge actually sat back in his chair and said to the social worker look all your reports clearly state that the child he is caring for (sister to the twins) is well cared for with a good emotional attachment and none of you have any concerns as I don’t either,

with all the professionals in that case stating in their opinion that he may fail and need help but you was all wrong and are praising how well cared for the child is does this not make you think you should change your mind? She replied no and he just shrugged his shoulders and said oh well and continued.

The fact is in this case there was and still is no lawful reason for these twins to have been adopted it was just that social services cafcass and solicitors assumed without any foundation it might have been too much for me and that is all they had assumption and that is not a lawful reason to steal a child for adoption or abuse three children by denying them contact but the judge granted the adoption  order giving them permission to appoint adoptive parents  this entire case is unlawful and should be investigated.

The child in my care was abused by social workers by way of her at the age of three years old been allowed two visits to the hospital to hold and cuddle her sisters then had all contact stopped for her

I tried several times to get them to allow her to see her sisters but was refused even though they have a legal obligation to promote contact between family and siblings It is the duty of a local authority looking after a child to promote contact between the child and any relative connected with him/her (paragraph 15(1) (C) of schedule 2 to the children act 1989).

It is also an important human right of the child to maintain family relationships, both under article 8 of the European convention on human rights (which is part of our law by virtue of the human rights act 1989) and under articles 7 and 9 of the united nations convention on the rights of the child

But they continue to stop contact for family and siblings I even wrote directly to the judge and was ignored  

I applied for permission to appeal that was heard by a higher judge who was the husband of the first judge in this case, I did not know this at the time but my research since the unlawful adoption of these children has found this out.

At the permission to appeal hearing many points of law was put forward by the other solicitors none of them was satisfactorily answered and some of the judges’ comments was not addressed as a result of my inexperience

My main reason for asking for an appeal was that the judge had no lawful reason to grant the adoption as the only reason they was left with was assumptions without any foundation and assumption is not a lawful reason to grant an adoption.

At this hearing the second judge started by saying that he realised that I was not represented and was representing myself but he would not have put up with any of the solicitors saying that the reason was unfounded assumptions and if they had they would have been in serious trouble but as I was not a solicitor he wanted to explain to me why it was unacceptable to say this and would overlook it.

The explanation he gave was that what I was calling assumption was actually trained peoples professional opinion’s people who have years of training and qualified to give their professional opinion’s.

Well this judge ignored the fact that the first judge in the case stated that all the so called professionals had got it wrong and that I had proved them wrong.

I still question his explanation as it still boils down to a professional assumption if there is no foundation to it as well as a judge declaring that they were all wrong.  My appeal was turned down  I then made an appeal to the r c j and my paperwork was returned stating that I had no right of appeal since then I have written to David Cameron when he was PM my MP the minister of state for children and families  (two of them)leaders of all the political parties the queen and many more writing to some of them several times including the current PM  every single one of them send the exact same letter of reply referring me to the department of education who simply reply we can’t be seen to interfere with the judicial process referring me to their internal complaints procedure  that runs us all around in circles for a year or so in the hope we will go away as they have no intention of investigating themselves  I have even had a letter from them stating that they will no longer respond to any further correspondence from me. Please will you sign my petition I am not asking for the unconditional return of these children I am asking for an investigation in to a corrupt system unlawfully taking children for adoption to meet targets  I want my grandchildren back and their sister wants them back they was unlawfully taken. Children are been stolen children are been abused children are been murdered children are going missing never seen again please help stop child abuse  

This case has no lawful reason for adoption and the judge had no lawful reason to grant an adoption order the judge failed these three children and their family  the judge also allowed a report proved to be inaccurate and accepted by the la solicitor to be wrong to be used on the grounds that it existed?  





needlessly tearing families apart has to stop we the people demand forced adoption and & foster care to be abolished along with risk of future emotional harm we further demand an independent investigation in to forced adoption and long term foster care, we should have an independent body to take up our complaints no matter who we complain to we are only referred to the people we are complaining about to investigate themselves   

1. Needlessly tearing families apart in favour of adoption when there is perfectly good & adequate options with family grandparents/aunts/uncles /brothers/sisters

2. The use of forced adoption to meet government targets

3. The actual abuse of our children by social services  

4. Abuse of sibling & families human rights including rights by law

5. The use of lies false reports changed reports perjury assumptions without any foundation

6.  Family alienation to the case 

7. Refusal to be granted the right to appeal when vital evidence has been omitted from the case 

8. Social workers acting without reasonable warning

9. The conflict of interest of social workers or ex social workers judges and MPs having links to adoption/fostering agencies

10. The refusal by the minister of state to investigate contested cases that contain perjury or false or flawed evidence and his links to adoption agencies creating a possible conflict of interest.

11. A right of appeal should be an automatic right when evidence is left out of any case

12. Close the secret family courts & bring these cases in to the criminal courts wear proof and guilt have to be established

13. remove gagging orders parents should have the right to speak openly about their case if something is wrong, gagging orders and the secrecy is only protecting a corrupted system that is abusing our children, not a single child is protected by the secrecy only poor social workers and judges.