Stop the mass deportation of thousands of immigrants on April 1st.


Stop the mass deportation of thousands of immigrants on April 1st.

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We the undersigned support the many migrant workers who are facing deportation because of this unjust law, as described below. We have read and understood the implications of these cruel changes and demand that they be ended, and that the thousands currently facing deportation be landed as permanent residents in Canada. Those arriving in the future must have a right to permanent status on arrival.

Nous, soussignés, soutenons les nombreux travailleurs migrants qui sont confrontés à la déportation en raison de cette loi injuste, comme décrit ci-dessous. Nous avons lu et compris les implications de ce cruelle programme et nous demandons qu'il soit terminé, et que les milliers actuellement confrontés à la déportation soient accordés la résidence permanente au Canada. Ceux qui arrivent en futur doivent avoir le droit à un statut permanent à l'arrivée.

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My name is -----, I am a migrant worker employed under Canada’s temporary foreign workers program. I work under the ‘low-waged temporary foreign worker’ scheme, a Federal Government program that ties me to an employer, denies me the opportunity to work for another employer and excludes me from many protections that other workers enjoy. I paid tens of thousands of dollars to work at my minimum wage job. I came to Canada to provide an opportunity for my family so that my children can go to school and have a better life.

However, on April 01, 2015, the Federal Government will take away my ability to work. This is because the ‘four and four’ rule will come into effect. All low-waged temporary workers like myself as well as migrants employed under the Live-In Caregiver streams who have worked in Canada for more than four years will be banned from working and forced to leave. Tens of thousands of migrants will lose their job. This is one of the largest deportations in Canadian history.

Please sign this petition by migrant workers and you, our supporters, to urge the Federal goverment to meet the following demands: 

1.  An end to the 4 & 4 rule so migrant workers can continue to work here.

2.  Grant migrant workers in Canada permanent residency.

3.  Ensure migrant worker access to all social benefits and entitlements 

4.  Enact legislation to grant permanent residency for all migrants upon arrival.

I and the hundreds of migrant workers, and community advocates who have been raising the alarm bells on the program are urging you to take a stand against this mass deportation order. We want meaningful changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker program that levels the playing field so we can work with dignity and pride. The temporary foreign program in its current form is flawed and only provides a pathway to precariousness.

We migrant workers know that government policies divide Canadian and migrant workers. Popular myths that migrant workers are stealing jobs and driving down wages of Canadian workers are untrue. The problem is with provincial laws that allow us to be paid less, and deny us real protection to ask for our rights. The solution is not to get rid of us, it is for all of us to work together to ensure no one is paid less than they need to live, and everyone can demand and win their rights. 


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This petition made change with 3,911 supporters!

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