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Stop the inhumane practice of "Pig Scrambles, Wrestling, Greased Pig Contests"

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This petition IS NOT to push the vegan agenda, or the animal rights movement.

This petition has nothing to do with Farming, Farmers, Agriculture, Fairs in general, or 4H. This petition IS NOT an attack on farming, agriculture, and has nothing to do with any organization; it’s addressing the animal cruelty to the animals, and the violence that it promotes ONLY! There are many things that were once seen as ok  because it has been done that way for years, that are no longer acceptable in the world today, and cruelty to animals is one of those.

This IS an abuse/animal cruelty type petition. This petition is to ban all "Pig Scrambles", "Hog Wrestling","Greased Pig Contests" and any other term used for the practice of releasing piglets and/or hogs into an enclosed area where they are targeted and overwhelmed by groups of much larger stronger individuals and children. The animal is chased, grabbed, pulled,shoved into the mud, fallen on, dragged and thrown onto a tire or in a bag. The pig is physically incapable of being able to "scramble" away as it is an enclosed area with numerous children and adults all around them, or “wrestle” a human. Pigs and hogs do not have any way to defend themselves or retreat to safety in any of these events.

Besides the clearly visible stress and extreme fear the pig’s experience, many can also become physically injured as well. Physical injuries such as: physical torsional stress on the pig’s joints, broken bones, heart failure due to extreme fear & stress, aspirating water or inhaling mud when tackled, especially as they are wrestled to the ground causing the pig to not be able to breathe. Pigs are very sensitive to pain, as well as intelligent beings.

There are countless photos and videos available online of pigs and hogs assaulted by teams of humans that show pigs being hoisted by their front legs, their bodies forced into abnormal positions. Some photos show children grabbing & pulling their ears just to get them onto the bag or tire. One video shows a pig with her head forced into the mud, when she finally struggles back up she spews out the muddy slop. If a dog or cat were treated in this manner, charges of cruelty would result.

These events are also in conflict with 4-H standards & guidelines. "Animal welfare is a growing concern in this country today and warrants some attention during county fairs and any other 4-H livestock event. Therefore, it is imperative that we show all general audiences at these livestock events that we as keepers of animals do know the right way to raise and care for livestock. While we are at the fair showing livestock we are under the watchful eye of the general public. This gives us a great opportunity to show all kinds of people the method in which we care for our livestock”. The proper care of animals in a public setting should receive primary attention. Two Guidelines are:  1) Handle animals in a very humane way. 2) Avoid stressing the animal. However, this type of event seems to violate those guidelines.

Promoting pig scrambles, hog wrestling and/or greased pig contests to children is teaching them that abuse is ok, even for their entertainment. We should instead be setting a positive example for our youth, and teaching them that harming animals, especially for entertainment is wrong and inhumane.

The state should ban these type events and choose another event that doesn't promote cruelty to animals and other inhumane practices. Positive non threatening interaction with kids and animals would be a good replacement. Animals teach kids unconditional love, compassion, empathy, etc. they are a positive influence on kids & adults. Animals also love human interaction when it's not fearful or threatened by its surroundings. 

Whether a domesticated animal, or farm animal, an animal is an animal that feels fear, love, ect and no animal should have to be terrorized by humans for their entertainment. This event is abusive & cruel to the animals and doesn't promote the proper care of animals. Please sign this petition to ban these type of events from continuing.












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