Stop the Horse Races! Stop the Melbourne Cup! Save the horses.

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I want to stop the Melbourne Cup horse races. Each year many horses are killed. In 2018 this year a horse fractured/broke its shoulder and they put it down. Last year a horse broke its leg and got put down. Another horse had a heart attack and died due to stress from the race. Last year 119 horses were killed in Australia from racing. It has to stop. Why on earth are we supporting this? It is animal cruelty, if we stop betting and stop making it a day to dress up and celebrate they will stop doing the races if we stop giving them attention and money. Horses deserve a chance to live and be loved too. If this was happening to a more popular home animal such as a puppy everyone would be quick to not be so involved it but because it’s a horse it seems as if that’s not as important as any other animal. We can bet on many other things in life for money that don’t have to involve animals dying. If it was humans dying we wouldn’t bet on it because it would be known as some messed up thing so don’t do it for animals. Help me and sign the petition! Let’s make the world a better place to live in together